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Shrew unit, GUOSIM flag, beta build release, Discord link.

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Hello, FEB here.

This month ahs been tough on work and mental health stuff, so progress has been slow. But! I have decided to release a beta branch of my mod here for you to download. The reason for this is simple - I don't have a lot of testers, and those that I have can't get a full release because Google Drive and do not transfer my files properly. I can't really say why this is. So, I release it here, my intention being to give you the chance to actually play this project, and to, hopefully, get some feedback on my work.

This month I touched up some animations, I have added a new shrew unit - the Guerilla Crew, javvie unit that will act like the current Woodland Partisans, who in turn will be replaced by a Lore-based mouse unit I look forvard to designing.


I have also worked on the GUOSIM flag. Since they lack any destinctive symbols, I went with the stylized Blackstone used by shrews as a symbol of power in some of the books. Thanks to Sulaimandoodle on the Lost Legends of Redwall discord channel for suggesting it!

It's not a final design by any means, I will work on it as the mod is being developed.

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Finally, for the beta release. This branch is unstable, breaks on campaign sometimes, but the battles should work fine. Download it. Play it. Enjoy it. I will update the beta and all the asociated README's when I get more time and energy to focus on this.

Make sure to report any bugs and suggest changes and features here or on our Discord channel:

Thank you, enjoy and see you in April!

fantasti - - 18 comments

Hello friend.
I compleatley forgot about your apil update.
The mod looks good. I suspect costomize settlements gonna come when it will.
I think (some) units moves a bit to fast perhaps (will have a second look at it).

Keep working it and have a good day/night.

Ps. the mouse captain looks sad af ^^ .

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FleshEatingBeans Author
FleshEatingBeans - - 48 comments

Thank you!
The captain does look a little sad, I suspect it's because he is not eating at the moment of recording.

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