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New units, knockback effects, balance, campaign map bug chickanery. Writing of quests and flavor is now underway.

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Hello! This is FEB! This year was decidedly shit for most people my side of planet Earth.

This month I worked on scaling a new set of animations for ferrets and stoats, as well as teaching a few of the other modders in the community to do so. The results of that work are evident in these two ferret units I designed for Cluny's Horde.

Tier 1 shock infantry, Tier 2 line infantry

They will come in small numbers, but have high baseline armor and cause knockback when charging, allowing Cluny to disrupt enemy lines in weak spots or deliver devastating flanks. In this sense, stoats might play like a mix of infantry and cavalry. In my tests they don't survive long fights with units of similar stats, and shine when a wavering army need that little nudge to break apart and flee.

Size comparison of largest and smallest mustelids.

Apparently, when a model gets too large, animations become wacky. Stoates, for example, sometimes break their necks when cheering pre-battle, and their tunics have a tendency to clip through their legs. These issues need time and energy, both of which are currently in short demand, and therefore go to my "to be addressed" list. I need to finish the campaign map first. Speaking of which -

All the Lilygrove Scouts got the

Due to a yet unidentified bug, my campaign crashes when I look over one specific... something. I can't tell if it's a settlment or a random general, and my logs remain dead silent. This image is actually a result of me trying to FIX the problem. Annoying, demoralizing, downright evil bug. Hopefully, addition of the Martin Tapestry will help.

Finally, me and the writing team started outlining the main chain of events for major factions and did some generic flavor text for in-game events (like severity of winter). In January I aim to finalize the campaign scenario and get to actually writing event cards and maybe trying out the scripting system. First step here must be to actually get winter and summer to last 12 turns each.

Not much progress this month overall, but, with everything going on in my life right now, I am glad I found the time and power to actually progress. More stuff coming up, stay tuned! I hope this year will be at least a LITTLE brighter then the last one. See you January!

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