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New UI pics, cleanup, balance changes, texturing, video shenanigans.

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Hello! FEB here.

Although April has been a busy month, we made considerable progress in UI, fixed many broken things, did balance changes, worked on a video presentation of the mod and more.

First things first - we have a fresh public beta release. It has functional custom battles and features everything discussed below, as well as new wonderful background art by Artyeest. You can check it out in the files tab.

Wonderful realm56 went and made us a set of new UI icons for almost every unit currently implemented. They look rather nice and have high quality renders in the info tab as well.

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I have reassigned some textures, unit ownership, removed unplayable placeholder factions from custom battles, and added new custom maps based on the current campaign map. I've also done some terrain texturing, mainly by adding fallen leaves under trees, amping up the autumnal look. Overall, custom battles look a little bit more Redwall.

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I've also done some balance changes, mainly by buffing missile accuracy. This is done in preparation for adding a ton of new javelin / slinger units.

Hyval and me tried our damnest to record a preview video this month. Despite scheduling difficulties, we recorded a bunch of raw footage and figured out a general way we want to do this. It will likely be a stream on Twitch that will be cut with addition of pre-recorded clips and released on YouTube, in a form similar to what Galu did for Divide and Conquer.

We also tried out networking. To absolutely, definitely no surprise online battles work rather well! Hyval decidedly wiped the floor with my Cluny army, showing how powerful late-game, heavy infantry and archers Redwall can be.

Anyway, more to come. See you in May!

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Looks so good!

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Hello there! Its been a while. I hope everyting is going well with the mod.

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