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We are happy to announce that MOS 1.70 has been released. You can download the mod from the Moddb download section. The two files you need are MOS Full Version 1.70 part 1 and 2. The install instructions can be found in the download section. We hope everybody will have a good time playing MOS 1.70. The first Patch has been released!

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This is a list of changes made since the previous MOS version (1.62) was released.
More info about MOS can be found HERE.

Change Log for v1.70
- The splash screen has been changed to the original MOS 6.2 splash screen with 1.7 numbering(visual upgrade)
- The menu has been reverted back to the original MOS 6.2 menu (visual upgrade)
- The faction symbols have been reverted to the original MOS 6.2 faction symbols (visual upgrade)
- New Aragorn, Thranduil, Elrond, Celeborn, Dain, Harad leader artwork for the menuscreen
- Version 2.6 from Ngugi's Quotes
- New ingame portraits for various heroes
- Fixed multiple grammar mistakes throughout the game
- The diplomat for the dwarves, actually looks like a dwarf right now (dwarf captain) instead of medieval 2 diplomat
- Added new ancillaries
- Added an ancillary reward system for evil taking certain good settlements
- Added an ancillary reward system for good guys defending important cities outnumbered
- Theoden is King, Thengel is dead
- Gothmog added
- Grishnakh added
- New artwork for various ancillaries
- New artwork for various unit cards
- Fixed all the building pictures for rohan
- Included parts of Director's Cut
- A number of new in game general portraits
- Parts of the Unofficial 4.4 patch by Leo (Unique settlements)
- Unite the Clans added and revised
- Paradamed's The Wolf
- Invisible creatures on stratmap instead of rebel generals
- Various bug fixes
- Added some new Mordor units from B.U.S

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luisgamadortamez - - 4 comments

After install it when i start new games all scritps from previews versions stop working, no balrog when moria is siege, no mirror of galadriel etc.... someone can help me plz?

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PureSoberGamer37 - - 86 comments

i have tatw 3.2, is that ok. also,how do i launch it.

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PureSoberGamer37 - - 86 comments

where is the link?

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hillmeu - - 24 comments

So..... where do we download it?

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RdLeeuw - - 2 comments

Whats wrong with the balance? My elven units are like 2x more expensive...

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