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Just a quick explanation of my plans of coming back to continue this mod with some announcements.

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Hello, two years ago I announced that I would take a break on this mod and that I foccus on my studies, I also said that this project was not dead.

Well I have some news for you, indeed this mod is not dead and I'm planning a come back, in fact I will start by re-doing all the assets I had already done, since most of them have bad rigging (the arms or the back didn't look good with the MTW2 animations) and also have texture problems. I will fix this, and keep with the progress on the other factions as well. I do plan to add more stuff from the rest of the original MK timeline too so get ready.

That said, I will not start just yet, I'm finishing my last year of studies, and once I do, I'll create a Discord channel where I will be posting all the new fresh stuff and you'll be able to give me your thoughts about everything.

But until that time comes, I'm willing to hear any of your ideas or thoughts of what would you want this mod to be, if anyone wants to recommend me a MK comic or stuff like that, I'd love to get some ideas for the mod and expand it.

Greetings and thank you so much to all the followers of this mod and the people who has been supporting me, just a bit more of patience, I'll be back soon!


This is great news, I can't wait!

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