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It's time to show a few more ingame shots of Tiberian Odyssey before we do some more specific updates.

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Well well. It seems 2010 is a busy year for everyone, a lot of the staff seem busy, including myself with general life problems which hinder us. However, staff are still working very hard on Tiberian Odyssey, and I myself am trying my best to get everything in perfect shape (there's only so much coding you can go over and over and over again :p). Still, to show we're not dead, or wrapped up in other stuff, I've shown two more ingame shots, one of them being a *secret* teaser shot of the WIP snow theatre and some of the ideas we've had for it, such as snow themed buildings and units. Hopefully when there's less on our plate we will further these ideas, making buildings gather more snow over time (or dirt on the Desert / Temperate theatre), but those are little bits of eye candy that can be done later on.

Hopefully on our next update we will be able to show off our G.D.I. Naval Fleet packing some awesome firepower!



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Shiny stuff. Good that the navy will be being unveiled soon :D

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