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Previously mentioned crew traits will play a major role in your ship and the decisions that you will have to make to get through, here is a brief description of some of those traits and how gameplay changes.

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Previously mentioned crew traits will play a major role in your ship and the decisions that you will have to make to get through. To explain how traits affect the gameplay check the details below with the descriptions of some of the reactions to in-game actions:

Behaves like a normal crew member, but runs from boarding raids when life is below 75%, leaving other team members behind. If the player accepts to help a ship in distress but instead decides to destroys it, the coward crew member gains loyalty to the captains since he/she is afraid of any risks that may put his/her life in danger, other crew members may lose loyalty instead. When life is low a coward crew member will surrender and stop fighting. Do you want a coward as part of your crew?

Looking for any opportunity to enter in a fight with anyone and becomes loyal to the captain when giving those opportunities, have a bonus in energy weapons and security and enjoys every battle available but will lose loyalty points when running from battle, any missed opportunity will have an impact. Fight over negotiations.

Terminally Ill
Crew member may die soon during any mission, you never know when the clock will stop but for sure it will stop, perhaps before the player dies or maybe last enough to accomplish the mission. As a bonus this crew member will have a very high skill level in 3 areas compared to normal crew members that start with just a minor skill level in only one area. Will you try to use the services of this crew member or not? death is permanent so once this crew member dies no one will be able to save him/her.

Being a social person is very important, but more important is being persuasive enough to convert enemies to your ranks, a very important source of crew members for a fee or by conving enemies while in imprisoned, at the end it is your choice, isn't it?

Looks for peace and non-fighting solutions, lose loyalty when killing enemies in non-combat situations like killing enemies that surrender or when not allowing the enemies to run away in some situations. By using the will of a pacifist, you may get a shield bonus regeneration when put in the shield management section and usually pacifist also do get a bonus on healing. Will your crew be pacifist enough to get through the game without killing anyone?

Looking to know more? there are around 40 traits now and growing, more to come later, each crew member receive a few traits on creation, so very interesting combinations will happen, so hardware is not the only thing that matters.

Check my blog for more details.

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