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Today 14 May 2015, Keen Software House decided to give, to the community, 100% complete access to Space Engineers’ source code. This comes as a continuation of the decision to give more freedom to modders and community. Space Engineers source code is similar to Medieval Engineers code, giving some more modding possibilities on Medieval Engineers too.

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Space Engineers

On 14 May 2015, Keen Software House announced that the source code of Space Engineers (First game of the "Engineers" series: Space Engineers, Space Engineers on ModDB, Space Engineers on Steam) is available to all modding community giving more modding possibilities:
- Total Conversions;
- More and Better Content;
- Server-Side Mods;
- Help into developing of the game and the ModAPI.
Of course, as Marek Rosa said into his blog, Keen Software House is giving us only the possibility to read and alter Space Engineers and VRAGE source code, not giving Space Engineers or VRAGE for free.
For full article read here: Marek Rosa Blog.

Medieval Engineers

After a quick look on the code, I have found some C++ codes that can give more AI developing possibilities, like bots attacking bots, woodcutter bots, guarding bots... I'll start as soon as possible modifing these scripts, because my mod stopped developing some weeks ago as Medieval Engineers developers stopped releasing new AI features. I'm pretty optimist about these new modding features, but I'm not sure if it will work on Medieval Engineers because shared source code is used for Space Engineers. Hoping that I could continue my work...

That is all for now, stay tuned for news! :D

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