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This explains more about Project 7928. and what it will contain.

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Project 7928 is a mod where there is a robotic neighbor.

And this neighbor has has a really big house. And it has SECRETS in the basement. What he hides down there is hidden for good. That basement is REALLY BIG TOO. So its your job, the Robotic Player to break down there and find the SECRETS. But there are like 6 locks, some boards, a gate, and 3 terminals. So there is almost NO CHANCE of getting down there. But you, the player is determined to get down there and find those SECRETS.


THE MOD IS FINALLY FINISHED! Over a years worth of work paid off. And it's done!

Changes from 9/23

  • No more windmill
  • Added the rest of keys
  • Possible to get to almost every room
  • Added front yard
  • added player's house
  • other millions of changes



that up there is the house in its current form. It has yet to have its puzzles in it. But its making way!

More about each room:

the house is held up in 3 locations, all of those being "Elevators" (they really are just tall structures with ladders.) At the main part of the house there is a elevator on its side. at the top of the elevators there are the kitchen and the living room. And a bridge connecting them. Above that there is the bedroom, some random room, and a hallway. Above THAT is the bathroom. And another random hallway. then all the rooms after that? i don't know. I have not decided what will go up there. BUT there is two rooms up there which i do know what are in. The train rooms. the room on top of that house has the train. the other room has nothing but a rail so far. Also at the top of the house there is a clock tower! (And a windmill. But who likes windmills?) Don't ask me what else will go in the house so far.

Also the basement has, lets see, LOADS of locks.

Screenshot 58

ah yes, 6 locks, 3 terminals, some boards, AND a gate! Goodness thats alot, The items will be hidden in clever, out of the way spots. The good thing about the house being so large is that the items will be hard to find. because there is so many rooms to look through. I bet that you cant finish this mod in one day if you dont know where anything is. So with that said, lets look at the CHARACTERS!

Screenshot 59

Screenshot 48

The neighbor and the player are made of metal, and even if the metal neighbor is made of metal, he still jumps extremely high. Here is acturate reprensentasion


jump up there /\


-|- <-- neighbor.



what i meant was he jumps from ground all the way into his house. More news to come!'


Well the neighbor has a yard now! With a very broken apart Act 1 house, because he lived in that house, he just burnt it and left it and built around it.

He also has a huge fence around his home!

and a working elevator. Only he cant use it. Oh yeah there is also a new room in the house.

He has a load of bushes. some you can hide in like in Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek. and uhh, there are lots of easter eggs to other hello neighbor builds like alpha 1 and pre alpha.

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