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Hello, here is the tenth monthly update for Moonbase 332! To bring you up to date of the development there is one major update per month.

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Hello, here is the tenth monthly update for Moonbase 332! To bring you up to date of the development there is one major update per month.

Moonbase 332 is now available on and Desura since a month. But there was/is a problem: Desura. We quickly receive the message that Desura is bankrupt. So what now? We will submit Moonbase 332 to Steam Greenlight next month! Each one who bought the game gets a Steam Key when the game released on Steam.

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Community Spotlight

Some posts from our Forum we want to highlight. Thanks to JuleGame!

Soundtrack Tip

Health Cheat

Oculus Rift Mod

You have to install the Game on your own to play on Mac and Linux. Currently there are problems with the installation scripts for playonmac and playonlinux. Once these are error free, we will publish them in the forum.


Moonbase 332 has already received several updates. The current version number is 1.1.1. Changelog (1.0 / 1.0.2 / / / 1.1.1):

    • Codec Check
    • Codec Installer
    • Standalone Installer
    • .avi codec
    • Enemy script (simplified) in Level 2-3
    • Enemy script (simplified) in Level 2-4
    • Enemy script (simplified) in Level 3-2
    • Enemy script (simplified) in Level 3-4
    • Player Health in Level 1-1
    • Player Health in Level 1-2
    • Player Health in Level 1-3
    • Player Health in Level 2-1
    • Player Health in Level 2-2
    • Player Health in Level 2-3
    • Player Health in Level 2-4
    • Player Health in Level 3-1
    • "Rate me" reminder
    • Cutscenes
    • MCF Download File (Desura Version)
    • Level 4-5
    • Level 5-5
    • Offline Mode
    • Player Health Point Bug
    • Player Rank calculation
    • Registration
    • Savestate
    • various bugs

The game crashes sometimes. The problem remains unresolved, unfortunately. This is a known issue of the Engine. When you restart the game, you’ll find a Quick Save game in slot 1 that’s very close to the game level you completed at the time the crash happened. Just load this game and finish the level. We are constantly trying to improve the game. If you find other errors contact us!

Here are 3 screenshots from the latest build:

1game_2015-05-18_14-58-23 USbK24 q326n5

Buy the game now:

We wish you much fun with the game

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

How did you manage to make the game look so bad? I mean that is quite an achievement in this day and age.

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MarcoSadowski Author
MarcoSadowski - - 53 comments

I would not say that the game looks bad. The goal was to make the game look older. Just using an older technology :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

The vr mod link is dead, consider hosting it under your indiedb / moddb profile. Also i agree it looks dated but then again using an engine from 2004 isnt that to be expected, make sure you back your game up to indieDB incase desura goes down.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MarcoSadowski Author
MarcoSadowski - - 53 comments

the mod should be online again

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