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Dev update for the month of July! Featuring a write up of the last month and plans for August!

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Hey everyone, here it is, our first ever monthly update! Firstly, I would like to welcome all the new people that have joined the discord server, left comments on thie page, and have shown interest in our project, it means a lot to us!

Now, lets dive into the monthly update! We will start off with a brief recap of all the work that has been done the last month. Followed by the plans for next month.

The past month our modeller managed to complete the basic weapons and armours for the Empire and has started with the Dwarven shields and recently transitioned to the dwarven weapons. This means we have a basic Empire arsenal followed with a partial Dwarven one, being the shields and axes.

Furthermore we also allowed you a sneak peak into the concept versions of the Empire and Dwarven unit rosters on our discord. For the Empire the plan is to have regiment retain the colours of the province they’re recruited in. So units of swordsmen recruited in Ostland will retain their black and white uniform. Besides the Empire roster we also allowed you a sneak peek into the Dwarven roster. These rosters will be ‘finalized’ in the future, however, this does not mean they aren’t subject to change, so be mindful of this!

For the next month the Slayer axes will be added to the dwarven arsenal and the Dwarven hammers will be completed. With most importantly Belegar’s hammer! We expect us to be able to complete these next month. After we completed the Dwarven arsenal we will continue with the Vampire Count arsenal, starting with the shields. We also plan to release the concept version of the Vampire Count roster!

Lastly, we are still looking for modellers and texture painters or anyone that is interested in helping out the project directly to join the team! Are you interested in working on the mod? Send a dm in our discord server to either Rob or MXMtcheuVI !

Thank you guys for reading the monthly update and we hope to catch you guys reading next week’s weekly update, which is posted on our discord!

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