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So as you guys know gundam has had a history of long periods of delay between releases. I will detail the current plans to improve upon that and what I currently have planned for a new release.

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So I am still working on things but have been watching you guys play and noting some issues. I'll go ahead and address those first.

The guntank is unable to build conyards.
- I am aware and fixed in weeks ago. I even tweaked it some more recently

The Auto host is laggy.
- yes it is, the server it is on has some issues. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to host yourself but some of you will have to do technical things to host. I am sorry, that is the nature of most of you running behind routers these days.

The game seems to have a performance spike and lose fps rapidly late game.
- this is because of both an issue with the engine and an issue with one of the new ui elements. I have addressed the ui issue and hopefully the next engine version will fix the other issue.

Ok so now that is out of the way! Onward to release discussion. I had planned on doing a hotfix release today, being that it is 4th of July and I am American :). However, a new engine version is coming. One which requires me to refactor a bunch of code. I spent all of yesterday testing these updates and they seem stable. So why is the hotfix not out yet. That is a long answer, but I will go into detail.

The spring engine games have this "rapid" system. I want to try it out. to try it out means a new installer and a new gundam. It should mean that instead of yearly releases, I can in the future do a release any time and you, the player can get that release and only the data needed! No large download of all the gundam files you will just get the parts that YOU need for the update! However, before I go and make a new release with this "rapid" thing included I want to test it. That will take some time but the wait will be worth it for you guys.

Will there be any new features added in the hotfix. it is a hotfix, so that means I am fixing bugs in a hurry. It does not mean a true 1.27. I do have a new ramba ral I would LOVE to put out along with the rmv-1 but I want to make certain the current bugs are squashed first. So if the rapid thing works out and the bugs are sufficiently squashed, I will see about a true 1.27 release. Sound fair?

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Smoth - - 1,098 comments

to be clear when I say it has been fixed etc that means for next version.

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stormtroopera - - 446 comments

Good work guys ! Keep it up ! But my PC lagged while playing this (It can handle CnC ZH Medium setting without a big problem)

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xPearse - - 2,462 comments

well I guess first things comes first, just do what you got to do

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I know it is a bummer but I try to be honest with you guys.

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