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This week has seen the start of the Montague's Mount Oculus Rift integration.

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Well, this week has seen me reaching into the Oculus Rift SDK to start the Montague's Mount Oculus Rift integration.

As Montague's Mount is built upon the Unity engine this *should* make for a fairly speedy setup as the Oculus SDK comes with pre-built camera prefabs which substitute the standard Unity cameras. So with a few tweaks and a bit of post-processing changes I have the Rift up and running... simple stuff.

Now comes the more tricky GUI/HUD rework and the ingame item picking code. I don't envisage this being overly complicated, although I believe it will be quite time consuming. Basically I have to replace any onscreen 2D text which displays for a 3D in the game version. With this in mind I have already written a 3D text system the dynamically positions text that 'hovers' over objects.

Over the next few weeks I will look at the raycasting and item picking plus the frontend GUI, it is going to be an exciting few weeks of development ahead of me.

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- Matt (PolyPusher Studios)

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