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A quick summary of everything that happened over the last few months.

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This place isn't up to date with the current development of Monomyth. So let me quickly get you people up to speed. Most of this stuff is hidden behind twitter links, where I normally post updates, sorry for that. Anyway, this is what happened over the last few months:

I started out making a couple of assets.


I then worked on character status effects:

And more assets:

I also implemented a system for item combinations. That system will mostly be used for puzzles, but it can be used for crafting as well. For example for baking bread:


Of course I also made fitting kitchen assets for that:


I also made a test level

Carrying and throwing certain objects made it in too:

Then I switched to Unreal 4.18 which really changed development thanks to Unreal's new animation import.

Continued in part 2...

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