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The long-awaited Mondrian - Plastic Reality demo is now out on Steam! Check out what's in store.

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The long wait is finally over: Mondrian Free Admission is now available on Steam! The free version of Plastic Reality, Free Admission gives you access to Endless mode, a handful of levels, Mondrian Maker, Mondrian Studio, and a small sampling of the background artwork and music that comes with the full game. If you don’t own the game yet, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the water and see what’s on offer. You can pick it up on the game’s Steam Page.

To see what’s different between Free Admission and the full, lifetime pass version of Mondrian – Plastic Reality, check out the chart below:

Free Admission will be kept up-to-date with the full game, meaning any bug fixes, changes, or in some cases, new features that would affect the full game, will also get updated. While you have full access to the Mondrian Maker and Mondrian Studio suite of tools, you cannot open levels in Mondrian Maker, and your Mondrian Studio creations will be watermarked. You can still upload levels to Steam Workshop, but at the moment they may – MAY – not combine with levels from Lifetime Pass users. It is 100% our intention to let users creations combine in the one Workshop, whether they’re Free Admission or Lifetime Pass users, so if they don’t combine yet, just know we’re doing our due dilligence to make that happen.

To celebrate the launch of Free Admission, we’re also offering a 20% discount on the full Lifetime Pass! This sale lasts for one week, until February 11.

New Year, New Mode

To ring in 2022, we’re excited to introduce Time Attack Mode! This new Quick Play mode challenges you to set a high score based on the amount of time you can survive. Grabbing Gems will add a couple seconds to your timer, while losing the ball hits your time with a big penalty. As usual, this all scales dynamically with Game Speed and Difficulty, but the clock always ticks down in real time. You also will not see the Gem Chest in Time Attack mode until the clock hits 0:00.00, with levels instantly loading one after the other, so don’t get too comfortable. The Gems you collect are still usable for decorating your Museum in Adventure, but your final score is based on the amount of time you survive, rounded up to the nearest second.

Like Arcade Mode, Time Attack features Steam Leaderboards, 4 in total (Relaxing, Easy, Medium, Hard). Reach the Top 10 to unlock brand new Steam Achievements! In fact, there are over 40 new Steam Achievements included in this update! Some may unlock the moment you start the game, depending on how much time you’ve put in previously, and others will take some doing because they are tracking brand new stats. Either way, hours of fun await!

Full Patch Notes


  • Global: Introducing “Free Admission!” This is the official demo version of Mondrian – Plastic Reality. It comes with 10 levels, 6 backgrounds, 2 playable characters, 2 game modes (Endless and Testing), ½ the regular game soundtrack, Mondrian Maker (without the ability to Open levels), and Mondrian Studio (with a watermark across your thumbnails and corner logos forced on). This version of the game is completely free, so if you’ve ever wanted to make a Mondrian of your own but haven’t been able to afford to do so, now is your chance! You can even submit Gala entries for a chance at winning keys to the full version of the game.
  • Game: Introducing “Time Attack Mode!” You have one minute to survive. Grabbing Gems adds to your time. Losing your ball costs you precious seconds based on your selected Game Speed, Difficulty, and the number of levels you’ve completed so far. Survive for as long as you can to reach the top of the Leaderboard. Your score is based on how long you survive, not the number of Gems you collect, but your collected Gems can still be used to purchase new decorations in your Museum!
  • Game: Added 42 new Achievements:
  1. Brickbreaker Apprentice: Break 100 Blocks
  2. Brickbreaker Professional: Break 500 Blocks
  3. Brickbreaker Artisan: Break 2500 Blocks
  4. Demolitions Apprentice: Detonate 100 Bombs
  5. Demolitions Professional: Detonate 1000 Bombs
  6. Demolitions Artisan: Detonate 10000 Bombs
  7. Locksmith Apprentice: Lock the Wall 100 Times
  8. Locksmith Professional: Lock the Wall 1000 Times
  9. Locksmith Artisan: Lock the Wall 10000 Times
  10. Cardshark Apprentice: Trigger 100 Wildcards
  11. Cardshark Professional: Trigger 1000 Wildcards
  12. Cardshark Artisan: Trigger 10000 Wildcards
  13. Phalanx Apprentice: Raise 100 Gem Shields
  14. Phalanx Professional: Raise 1000 Gem Shields
  15. Phalanx Artisan: Raise 10000 Gem Shields
  16. Jeweler Apprentice: Catch 1000 Gems
  17. Jeweler Professional: Catch 10000 Gems
  18. Jeweler Artisan: Catch 100000 Gems
  19. Arcade Wizard Relaxing: Get a Top 10 High Score on Arcade Relaxing
  20. Arcade Wizard Easy: Get a Top 10 High Score on Arcade Easy
  21. Arcade Wizard Medium: Get a Top 10 High Score on Arcade Medium
  22. Arcade Wizard Hard: Get a Top 10 High Score on Arcade Hard
  23. I’ve Got All Day: Reach a 50 Level Win-Streak in Endless
  24. Watchmaker Apprentice: Survive for 5 Minutes on Time Attack Mode (any Difficulty)
  25. Watchmaker Professional: Survive for 15 Minutes on Time Attack Mode (any Difficulty)
  26. Watchmaker Artisan: Survive for 60 Minutes on Time Attack Mode (any Difficulty)
  27. Big Gem Hunter: Catch 1,000,000 Gems in a single playthrough of Gem Hunt
  28. Seeking Glory: Submit a Level as a Gala Entry
  29. Patron of the Arts: Subscribe to a Level on Steam Workshop and download it from the game
  30. Chrono Wizard Relaxing: Get a Top 10 High Score on Relaxing Time Attack
  31. Chrono Wizard Easy: Get a Top 10 High Score on Easy Time Attack
  32. Chrono Wizard Medium: Get a Top 10 High Score on Medium Time Attack
  33. Chrono Wizard Hard: Get a Top 10 High Score on Hard Time Attack
  34. In the Name of Self Defense: Destroy 300 Blocks with Explosions
  35. General Middlebrow Taste: Break 100 Blocks with the Regular Ball
  36. I Saw a Saw Saw Salsa: Break 100 Blocks with the Breakerball
  37. The Speeeed: Break 100 Blocks with the Speedball
  38. Arcade Survivor Apprentice: Beat Arcade Mode without Restoring your Lives
  39. Arcade Survivor Professional: Beat Arcade Mode without Losing more than 1 Life
  40. Arcade Survivor Artisan: Beat Arcade Mode without Losing a Single Life
  41. Dodge This: Break 50 Shifting Blocks
  42. You Dig On Multiverses: Break 50 Phasing Blocks
  • Gem Chest: Updates for Time Attack mode, including new messages and menu selections
  • Main Menu: Added selection and new key art under “Quick Play” for “Time Attack” mode
  • Leaderboard: Added Time Attack Relaxing, Easy, Medium, and Hard local leaderboards
  • Maker: Made “Free Admission” adjustments for Mondrian Maker, which disables the Open Window.
  • Maker: Added mouse scrollbar functionality for Save/Open windows


  • Game: Moved Touchscreen Pause button to the upper-left hand corner to make room for the Time Attack game clock
  • Gem Chest: Optimized code for menu selection and nickname entry
  • Leaderboard: Redesigned the Leaderboard screen to reflect the game’s UI style more closely
  • Studio: The Pause screen will no longer appear when you Alt-Tab out of the game
  • Maker: Overhauled Scrollbar functionality for cleaner, line-by-line scrolling, and simple, dynamic adjustment of scrollbar height based on the number of level files
  • Maker: Replaced Tooltip graphics with text strings. This will allow the Tooltips to stay more up-to-date, and even be localized in the future.
  • Maker: Updated some Tooltips

Bug Fixes

  • Menu: Fixed a bug that would crash the menu if the current Live Event was set incorrectly
  • Game: Potential fix for the ball getting stuck in a just-phased-in block
  • Game: Cut the number of particles spawned from Bomb Chains in half to increase performance
  • Game: Fixed round tracking adding up on a loop at the end of a level
  • Game: Fixed a bug where ball trails would continue to generate after the Breakerball was destroyed
  • Studio: Fixed logos in the bottom-left-hand corner temporarily going invisible when Saving or Copying a thumbnail
  • Studio: Fixed the Gallery Frame sometimes not holding its starting RGB value when changing tabs
  • Maker: Touched up toggling of Tooltips on Main Menu items
  • Maker: Fixed the Save and Open tooltips not showing when a level is open

Join Us Tomorrow for the BostonFIG Virtual Fest!

BostonFIG’s second Virtual Festival is almost here! We’ll be showcasing all the additions to Mondrian – Plastic Reality since last year, including Museum cosmetics, Mondrian Studio, Time Attack mode, and more. We will also be hosting raffles for free Steam keys, running mini Mondrian Maker workshops, and answering any questions you may have about the game.

The festival runs all day, Saturday, February 5. Join us from 10am EST to 5pm EST and check out all the great indie games coming from the Boston scene! The Festival is free (or pay-what-you-like), so take some time and come game with us.

From today through next Friday, we’ll be hosting our own BostonFIG Gala! As with all our Galas, we have a challenge for you and fun prizes for a few lucky winners!

Challenge Prompt: Indie Games Submission Deadline: February 12, 11:59pm EST

It’s no secret we love indie games. We MAKE indie games! So we want to see how much you love indie games too. It’s up to you how you’d like to interpret this prompt. Remake your favorite character? A specific in-game item? Maybe even your favorite indie game logo? It’s completely up to you!

You have until next Friday to submit, and for the first time ever, you can use Mondrian Free Admission to submit your creations. Once you’ve uploaded your creation to Steam Workshop, simply drop a link to it on our Discord in the #gala-submissions channel. Levels must be built in Mondrian Maker, thumbnails created in Mondrian Studio (external editing is okay), set to Publicly Visible, with “Level” and “Gala Entry” tags applied before the submission deadline. Please see this Pinned Thread for full challenge rules.

All eligible Gala entries will receive a Wooden Frame around Thumbnails, sent via the Developer Comments. Of course it wouldn’t be a Mondrian Maker Challenge without some 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, so here’s what’s in store:

First Place

  • Gold Frame
  • Lantana Games Twitch Subscription
  • Mondrian Bundle Steam Keys
  • Lantana Games Discord VIP Role
  • Social Media Shares
  • Twitter Like/Retweet

Second Place

  • Silver Frame
  • Mondrian Bundle Steam Keys
  • Lantana Games Discord VIP Role
  • Social Media Shares

Third Place

  • Bronze Frame
  • Plastic Reality Steam Key
  • Lantana Games Discord VIP Role
  • Social Media Shares

Winners will be selected by the end of the day on February 12, and contacted with prize info in the Developer Comments section of their Steam Workshop creation.

More to Come (as always)

Yet another blog post is coming to a close, thus it’s time to look ahead to a few other things coming up. On Monday, February 7, we’ll be hosting our second monthly “Making a Mondrian” Workshop on Twitch, where we’ll take an in-depth look at making levels and art using Mondrian Maker and Mondrian Studio. The 1.0.11 “Free Admission” Movement will go through the Spring with multiple, smaller updates as usual. And as always, we’re looking for more events, more partnerships, more streaming and workshop opportunities, and into more Galas to throw for our excellent community. Hopefully this Winter will be as exciting as always!

2022 will certainly be an interesting year for us. Up to this point, Mondrian has been a fully premium experience. Now, with Free Admission, we are opening up our powerful creative tools to everyone, regardless of budget. We hope you’ll come be a part of our creative community, and make levels and artwork that help shine a positive light on what the game can do. If you enjoy what’s on offer, please consider buying the game, introducing it to your friends, and sharing your creations across social media. Don’t forget, if you’d like us to amplify your works, you can message our @mondrianmakers account on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll be happy to share them with out as well.

In the meantime, if you haven’t played Mondrian – Plastic Reality yet, visit the Steam page to download the “Free Admission” demo today! It’s free. Go get it. And thank you for playing.

– Danny

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