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Piet Mondrian's taking you for a spin through the Plastic Reality, a fast-paced, roguelite-inspired block breaking adventure through modern art. Play gauntlets of dynamic, hand-crafted artworks, unleash the treasures within, and create your own challenges with the Mondrian Maker level editor.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality is a vibrant and immersive puzzle game that invites players to not only tackle dynamically complex, hand-crafted levels, but also to tap into their own creativity and share their own artistic creations with the world. With its accessible "zero button" gameplay, players rotate their paddle around a field of blocks, popping them with a ball, and collect Gems which can be used to enhance their abilities and to customize their in-game space with a plethora of cosmetics.

Boasting colorful graphics, a lively soundtrack, and a variety of game modes, Mondrian - Plastic Reality is an engaging and brain-stimulating experience that appeals to players of all skill levels, whether they are seasoned artists, arcade aficionados, or newcomers to both. It is the perfect way to relax and flex one's creative muscles.


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In Mondrian - Plastic Reality, Lantana Games has taken a timeless, classic arcade game and imbued it with a fresh, contemporary twist. Players have the opportunity to orbit through levels that draw inspiration from various eras of art history, as well as engage with user-generated content. It is a truly innovative take on the block breaking genre, and a must-play for any fan of art and gaming.


Mondrian - Plastic Reality constantly keeps players on their toes with its dynamic levels, each of which presents a unique blend of visual and gameplay elements. This ensures that no two levels are ever the same, providing a constantly evolving and engrossing experience for all.



Mondrian - Plastic Reality's level creation tools, Mondrian Maker and Mondrian Studio, empower players to not only craft entirely new levels from scratch, but also to express their artistic visions through the presentation of their creations. It is a testament to the game's commitment to fostering creativity and individuality in its players.


Mondrian - Plastic Reality offers a wealth of gameplay options for players to choose from, including immersive story episodes in Adventure mode and fast-paced competitions for Leaderboard supremacy in various Quick Play Modes. Plus, Game Options like game speed, screenshake intensity, and multiple input and UI types means anyone can customize the game to their liking. It is a game that caters to a wide range of play styles and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Mondrian - Plastic Reality encourages players to embrace their creativity and share their in-game creations with the global community. The game's live events, which we call Galas, serve as a platform to celebrate artistic expression in all its forms, and offer players the chance to earn in-game bonuses. By joining the Plastic Reality community, players have the opportunity showcase their talents and be a part of a vibrant and supportive network of artists.


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The Mondrian Maker level editor is a user-friendly, intuitive tool that allows players to easily create and customize levels with a simple click-and-drop interface. Even those with no prior experience in level design will be able to get started in seconds, thanks to the game's comprehensive Mini Manual and in-game Tooltips, which provide guidance and assistance whenever needed. This level editor is a truly accessible and empowering feature that enables players to unleash their creative potential and craft the levels of their dreams.


The powerful Mondrian Studio graphic design toolchest allows players to present their creations in a wide range of formats, through the use of sliders and buttons to adjust size, color, background, and visual effects. Whether you want to save out level thumbnails or share your creations on social media, this tool makes it easy to do so with just a few clicks. It is a valuable resource for players looking to showcase their artistic skills and express themselves in a visually striking manner.

Mondrian Maker and Mondrian Studio are two powerful and user-friendly tools that enable players to unleash their creativity and craft their own levels and artworks within Mondrian - Plastic Reality. These tools are designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, and we at Lantana Games have every confidence that anyone can create something truly unique and extraordinary with them. We can't wait to see the amazing creations you come up with and share with the community.


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mondrianPR 325

Hello, everyone! After the launch of the Impressionism and Abstract Background Art Packs on Steam and itch, the next obvious and chronological step was to pay homage to the Neoplasticism movement of the early 20th century, a movement shaped by Piet Mondrian himself. The "Stylish Background Art Pack" is thusly coming to Steam on May 22, and we would greatly appreciate if you added it to your Wishlist!

mondrianPR 323

Like the other packs, the Stylish pack features 10 background artworks that can be used to vary up the visuals of your in-game experience and customize your Mondrian Studio creations even more (Studio being the game's robust photo mode to share your user-generated creations with the world). Some of the pieces are classic color block compositions, others are 3D interpretations of color block worlds, and some are more landscapey while still generally following the rules of the artform.

mondrianPR 324

The pack will launch for $1.99 USD, but you'll be able to grab it in the Mondrian Series Bundle with both games, the other background pack DLC's, and the first game's soundtrack for 30% off.

Click the link above to add the Stylish Background Art Pack to your Wishlist, so you can be notified when it goes live! As always, thank you for your support, and thank you for playing.

- Danny

The Abstract Background Art Pack is Now Available on Steam and!

The Abstract Background Art Pack is Now Available on Steam and!


Witness the beauty in the abstract with 10 new backgrounds to enhance your in-game and Mondrian Maker experience.

The Impressionism Background Art Pack is Now Available on Steam!

The Impressionism Background Art Pack is Now Available on Steam!


Read all about the first background pack DLC and the latest patch notes for Mondrian - Plastic Reality right here!

The Mondrian - Plastic Reality Impressionism Background Art Pack is now available!

The Mondrian - Plastic Reality Impressionism Background Art Pack is now available!


Our first background pack DLC features 10, Impressionistic background artworks with landscapes, cityscapes, and more.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality 1.4.7 Released

Mondrian - Plastic Reality 1.4.7 Released


Mondrian has been updated to version 1.4.7! Come check out what's new and please help support the game's development with our Hello Fresh sponsorship.


Looks intricate and fascinating!

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dsilvers Creator

Thank you so much!

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