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This is the latest news update on KW Reloaded and its future release.

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Well if you guys haven't known for weeks now, this mod just got its first appreciation and award from a CNC fan site called CnCMasters where it earned its June 2011 Mod of the Month. Yay! However, there's still more work to do in the upcoming weeks and months ahead plus I have added in ten more screenshots in addition to the eight other screenshots last week.

Being concentrated on getting and modifying the sub-factions, I have also been attempting to add in new and modified units as well as getting in new unit abilities, support powers and upgrades. That part may not be easy because oftentimes the unit abilities, support powers and upgrades work after compilation and then suddenly they don't show up in-game. It was hard for me to get the Power Signature Scan, Shock Swarm and Ion Storm to work under the new coding format, in which they finally worked. Also in the works are several new 8-player skirmish maps I am developing where all of them will require the KW terrain textures. That release will be another separate package from the KW skirmish maps and terrain texture pack by the time you read this.

There won't be a beta version 0.8 and 0.9 releases, but there will be a release candidate version to try out before the version 1.0 release coming this fall. I thought about giving people a chance to play the mod under private beta but since I have a slow Internet connection for uploading, the chances are too slim as the files are getting larger. Version 0.8 concentrates on getting the six sub-factions in-game and version 0.9 concentrates on the last of the new units and structures. Some of the new unit abilities, support powers and upgrades will start to come up under RC1 and the full version 1.0. Starting with the release candidate version (and above versions), the skirmish maps with the new textures will be separated except for the modified C&C3 skirmish maps and the lost C&C3 X360 Tutorial, Tournament Old Tower, Tournament Decision and Top Gun maps. As for balance, the balanced changes will not be changeable until most of the new content are in and are working correctly in-game.

Also, I like to thank for the suggestions and comments for the mod where your ideas will be considered. There's little guarantee I may get in some new content working ingame for some of you guys have suggested. For the last time regarding about C&C4 content, I will not be adding any more new C&C4 units, structures and other content, unless otherwise necessary. The 12th and last C&C4 unit to put under this mod is the replacement of the Pitbull, the Talon for the Steel Talons faction. So as of now, I won't be accepting any more C&C4 questions. Any related suggestions to C&C4 will be considered to be put into another mod as that one is already planned in the works.

So without further due, stay tuned for another update soon.

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