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I hope you guys have a great summer vacation as I am fully busy with projects including this mod. The version 1.0 release for KW Reloaded is nearing release but some additions will not be in this 1.0 version of the mod. There's a possibility I may be releasing this next version of this mod on the same week that RA3 Reloaded patch will be released. So far I have done getting new units into this mod as well as several new KW abilities working on some KW units. However, there isn't enough time for the new upgrades and support powers, the skirmish AI coding for the sub-factions and other balance changes to make it for version 1.0 for which they will be available in later versions via patches. The hardest part is trying to merge everything I have done so far with split test mods, the ones involving sub-factions, unit abilities and new units and structures into the KW Reloaded mod. The most painful part is compiling a mod that took me 20+ minutes using Bibber's modified RA3 Mod Buildstudio executable. But when it comes to organization of files in a mod, Bibber's modified RA3 Mod Buildstudio is the way to go for any RA3 or C&C3 mod.

The version 1.0 release of Kane's Wrath Reloaded will become one of the biggest C&C mod releases ever in Moddb which will involve 5 downloadable files: the KW Reloaded mod with music, the KW map pack with KW terrain textures, the Spartan unit source code, the final revision of the KW art pack, the re-release of the C&C3 art pack in RAR format and the biggest C&C art pack ever, the C&C4 art pack.

Still questionable to be considered if this mod will be relocated to become a real Kane's Wrath mod using the full version of the WrathEd tool done by Lauren (aka Megumi) and his team. The WrathEd tool is complex and difficult to use as it seems that without the KW xml files, any KW mod can't be easily compiled in that way except by going through manifest and asset files. The result of this mod by using WrathEd the file size will be smaller but still the mod will be big with the music, the new C&C4 units and other new material, but without the new KW units, structures, unit abilities, upgrades and support powers that are already existed in KW.

So without further due, stay tuned.

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nah keep it as c&c 3 as the campaign in the c&c 3 is way better than the one in Kanes wrath

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