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This is the latest news update on KW Reloaded with another announcement.

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It's been a while since the last update. I have added seven new screenshots all involving new and modified units. However, some of the units I have been wanting to have ingame still have yet to be used. Still missing are a possible Medic, Ambulance, Armageddon Bomber and one more big unit to be determined. For the latest Mammoth Tank I added with a screenshot example, I decided to bring in that 7th unit for the Forgotten and be built from the Mutant Hovel since some of you have commented that the unit fits for that faction. The Talon which is another unit I have added will be the 12th and last C&C4 unit to be put into this mod and I will no longer be accepting any new C&C4 content from there.

So far in the development of adding factions, five of the six sub-factions are working successfully except the Black Hand sub-faction. Due to an unknown issue involving the Black Hand faction that never worked ingame, I decided to cancel the sub-faction and leave off without a replacement faction. This also means there will not be a Marcion Demo Truck unit and the Voice of Marcion structure. The Purifier and Manta will be temporarily moved to the Marked of Kane faction which will be the offense and defense sub-faction of Nod.

Updated 9/10/2011
KW unit abilities, special powers and upgrades so far:
-- Sonic Repulsion Field (possible as upgrade usage)
-- Laser Fencing (possible as upgrade usage)
-- AP Ammo Upgrade (possible)
-- Tungsten AA Shells (possible)
-- Tiberium Core Missiles (possible)
-- Zone Raider Drop Pods (possible)
-- Super Charged Particle Beam (doubtful)
-- Charged Particle Beam (not necessary)
-- Quad Turrets (possible)
-- Purifying Flame (possible)
-- Black Disciples (possible)
-- Cybernetic Legs (possible)
-- Blue Shards (possible)
-- Traveler Engines (possible)
-- Shard Launchers (possible)
-- Advanced Articulators (possible)
-- Disruption Pods (doubtful)
-- Supersonic Air Attack (doubtful)
-- Orbital Strike (doubtful)
-- Hardpoints (doubtful)
-- Ceramic Armor (doubtful)
-- Tiberium Field Suits (doubtful)
-- Adaptive Armor Upgrade (doubtful)
-- Magnetic Mine Drop (doubtful)
-- Tiberium Vein Detonation (doubtful)
-- Ichor Seed (doubtful)
-- Overlord's Wrath (doubtful)
-- Temporal Wormhole (doubtful)
-- Infestation (doubtful)
-- Conversion Reserves (not possible)
-- Railgun Accelerator (not possible)
-- Redemption (not possible)
-- Decoy Temple (not possible)
-- Attenuated Forcefields (already done thanks to Madin)
-- Power Signature Scan (already done)
-- Shock Pods (already done)
-- Ion Storm (already done)
-- Hallucinogenic Grenades (already done)
-- EMP Blast (already done to Awakened and Enlightened)
-- EMP Grenades (already done without using as upgrade)
-- Tiberium Agitation (already done)
-- Overload Beam (already done)
-- Rage Generator (already done)

So once again, stay tuned for another update soon.

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