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The second version of Modulated's free alpha has been released!

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- Issue where the "previous" and "next" arrow buttons overlapped fixed.
- 3d interfaces now have audio and visual cues.
- Options no longer change instantly, but on leaving the options menu.
- Hitting an opponent now results in a visual effect on the crosshairs, accompanied by a subtle sound effect.
- Heatmeter Implemented, displays recharge time, charge-up time and heat dissapation all in one.
- All weapons re-tooled to follow the heat-meter logic.
- Charger no longer spammable.
- Gatling gun now subject to overheating.
- Camera now zooms onto the area you are customizing if desired and the list has been re-ordered.
- Crash occurring on level load should be fixed.
- Some performance issues in the main menu has been alleviated a bit for now.


- Optimization not yet in focus for development, mid to lower range specs may experience performance related crashes and freezes.
- Collision can glitch when stopping.
- AI occationally "gives up".
- AI occationally walks into and on top of obstacles.
- AI occationally does not realize their target has died.
- Shooting destroyed parts may spam commentary.

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