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From now on you will get all your Modulated news from desura!

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Hello everybody! So the game has now been published on Desura.

This means that from now on all activities will take place at

Desura Digital Distribution

From there you will get:

  • Progress news
  • General news
  • Patches
  • Releases

This includes the next version of the free alpha, which includes a lot of tweaks, fixes and additions based on your feedback! Mostly the issues with the original release was the lack of feedback from the game.
Amongst other things;

  • You will now get audio and visual confirmation of hits.
  • The main user interface gives proper audio and visual feedback with interaction.
  • Confirmation prompts to reduce the harshness of the user interface.
  • A physical "Heat" meter has been implemented into the mechs, which will display how much longer that laser will last, or how much longer you can spam those projectiles.
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