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a lot of people wonder how good your PC must be to handle the mod, and most of these people don't know about the F.A.Q. on the official webpage ( so here are the minimum computer specs based on the current situation of the mod (might increase during further development)

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HDD - 1 - 2 GB
Video - 265 - 512 MB
CPU - Intel Core2Duo 2 - 3 GHZ or higher

i test the mod on my computer which has:

Video 512MB
CPU Intel Celeron D 3GHZ

the mod did run fine, but the increasing amount of textures make the game crash or lagg a lot.
still though i can turn all settings on the lowest and it seems to run the game, but still it is annoying when the game wants to load the 1st class saloon suddenly, then the game keeps hanging for 20 seconds before the model pops up.

so to get normal performance it is advised to use the specifications above at the top of this message.

any questions? feel free to ask.

Xtreme1996 - - 1 comments

Great, it will run without problems on my PC. I can't wait to see the mod completed. Mrrobville, your mod will sure be a hit. Mafia is a great game and it's never too old to be modded!

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