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So what up with the mod, how is it going? Well its all here

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Alpha 0 v .6 Change Log:
Added all native factions
Goblins feet no longer greenish
Roman now have swords
Spartans has the most HP of all faction, but can die in few hits due to being naked and all
Enhanced LOTR faction a bit
Added New Warband Enhanced Women faces from Chinese Community made by corprus
Fix that weapon that bugs the chest
Spartan shields fixed

New faction Crusader States 100%:
(Crusader Infantry, Guard, Swordsman, Crusaders, Crusader Monks, Crusader Masters, Crusader Ladderman, Crusader Rangers, Crusader Crossbowman, Crusader Captain, Crusader Knights, Crusader Holy Cross Riders, King from Kingdom of Heaven)

Alpha v0.50 Quick fix details: (You need to re download the fix if you downloaded it earlier,
Invisible Goblins fixed (some are still fixing)
Invasion mode now can play on day-time (Huge improvement to graphics)
Added more TLD rohan items
Added new version: Executioners
Easterling helmet fixed
All troops such as knights can rider horses
Ranged units can now pick up their bows
Bump maps and shaders added for TATW models
Orc sounds added
Added new lotr weapons
some new legendary items for the chest item box E.G Van Helsing Crossbow, Sniper Crossbow with X-ray etc..

Empire troops: Ranger, Assassin, Militia, Captain, Gothic Knight, Gothic FootKnight, Imperial Guard, Imperial Infantry, Infantry, Sergeant LOTR: Elven Warrior, Sauron, Witch King, Nazguls, Easterlings, Gondor Infantry, Gondor Cavalry, Rohan Infantry, Rohan Cavalry, Uruk-hais
Enhance Empire Faction (100%)
Adding LOTR faction (50%, now adding TLD items)
Assassin as Defender faction = Done
Adding 66 maps (Done)
Goblins (Real goblins ,no more greenish gobbo thx to TLD) (Done)
Adding new items to ChestBefore we add any new invasion to Full Invasion we must make sure it won't affect the bots spawning time, so if the first release is ok, then we will add invader faction up to 30 with 20 defender faction or something.


The new LOTR stuff is well done!
You may wanna look at this ->

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