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This is a list of mods that are include in the collection.

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It consists of the following mods:

FPGE - House Spares The Kings - The Kings will no longer be wiped out if tensions are eased between them and the NCR.
FPGE - Keep Your Companions - A script will move any alive, unhired companions to the Lucky 38 and re-enable them.
FPGE - Leave the Mojave No End Credits: Leave the Mojave without playing the end credits.
FPGE - Legion and Chairmen Alliance: The Chairmen will no longer be destroyed if Caesar is still alive.
FPGE - Legion Doesn't Destroy Hoover Dam: Hoover Dam will no longer be destroyed in the Legion ending.
FPGE - Legion Ending Keep Gambling - Does not disable the dealers, cashiers, or bartenders in Ultra-Luxe and Gomorrah in the Legion ending.
FPGE - Legion Ending No Family Alliances - Destroys the Omertas and White Glove Society in the Legion ending regardless of the outcome of their quests.
FPGE - Lucky 38 NCR Removal: Removes the NCR's presence from the Lucky 38.
FPGE - Lucky 38 Usable Auto-Doc: Makes Caesar's Auto-Doc usable.
FPGE - McNamara HELIOS One - The Brotherhood of Steel will take over HELIOS One in the independent ending if the Securitron army or Hoover Dam is destroyed and McNamara is still elder.
FPGE - Moore Name Change - Changes Colonel Moore's name to reflect her promotion. Removed in version 7.0. FPGE now does this.
FPGE - Mojave Outpost NCR Removal - Removes the NCR presence from Mojave Outpost in the House, Legion, and Yes Man ending. It also changes the ownership to the player.
FPGE - NCR and Legion Endings No Securitrons - Removes the Securitrons from the Strip in the NCR and Legion endings.
FPGE - NCR and Legion Use the Securitron Army - Enables the Securitron army in the NCR and Legion endings.
FPGE - No Brotherhood Checkpoints - Disables the Brotherhood of Steel checkpoints in the Mr. House and Yes Man endings.
FPGE - Rebuild New Vegas - Enables/disable the reconstruction assets in the House and Yes Man ending.
FPGE - Three Families Removal - Removes all Three Families and gamblers from the casinos in the Yes Man ending.
FPGE - Yes Man Ending No Gamblers - Removes all gamblers and travelers from the Strip.
FPGE - Yes Man Ending Primm Securitrons: Enables Securitrons in Primm if you upgrade the Securitron army in the Yes Man questline.

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