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The games is by no means dead. There are a few talented people (modders, mappers and coders) who are contributing their ideas to the game. It has been updated with Ravenshield 2.0 by Masaketsu. Weapons from the expansion packs (Athena Sword and Iron Wrath) has found its way to Ravenshield Vanilla with the help of mods like Ordnance Project, Mercenary 2 and the like.

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There are several sites that host Ravenshield the game. Sites like RVSGaming - has been the mecca of Rainbow Six 3 modders, coders and mappers. Also sites like Shadow Squad, RavenLanClan, Master Clan and more. There is also Masaketsu's Ravenshield 2.0. He has recently released his Ravenshield 2.0. And there's Twilight's mods. He has contributed his SDK2 for making skins for the Rainbow character - click here. Not to mention, ModDB RVSZombie mod by Twilight. And a whole lot more.

flashpointpref - - 20 comments

Can't wait for Project VI. Wish I knew more about the Unreal Engine 2 so I could help out. Send regards to Twilight and the rest of the team!

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Kyle_K_ski - - 1,017 comments

This is HUGE news folks!


Ravenshield 2.0 is available for downloading (finally!) and a new endeavor is evolving out of it: Project VI (*cue mysterious music*).

Seriously, their work HAS TO BE SEEN to be believed. Here's an awesome YouTube video that should get one drooling!

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Cypher05 - - 102 comments

Hmm, would reinstalling be a good idea? What is the player base for the main game and the mods if anyone doesn't mind answering.

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.Twi - - 224 comments

Playerbase is small but devoted. You can find a multiplayer game at any time, though there may not be much choice. There are plenty of mods for both single player and multiplayer, and the vast majority of MP mods are server-side, which means you don't need to install them, just join the server and enjoy.

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ahhhasadahh - - 489 comments

so cool :D

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