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Modders Logbook - June 2018 Progress update for 2018. Environmental improvements & Glance at older updates from this year. Lost Dragons public Discord Invite.

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Modders Logbook - June 2018

Hello hello hello!

Time flies again and I thought maybe I'd take a moment to write stuff up since such an opportunity does not seem to naturally present itself.

Earlier I've posted a few shots of new city infrastructure blocks that have made their way in-game to be tested:

New InfrastructureBlocks InGame WipNew InfrastructureBlocks InGame Wip
New InfrastructureBlocks InGame WipNew InfrastructureBlocks InGame Wip

New InfrastructureBlocks InGame WipStairs Can Be Dangerous

And The pieces so far have worked flawlessly collision vise. Which of course was a great victory since our whole concept relies on this stuff working.

Now testing these out also has already instigated lot of improvements:

New InfrastructureBlocks InGame WIPNew InfrastructureBlocks InGame WIP

Where the shape of the residential block was improved a lot. Most major change being the increase in floor height to make it less cramped. This of course give us less actual floors.. But that I think is also a good thing.

New InfrastructureBlocks InGame WIP

Largest vehicles wont fit in there though but that is also not a bad thing since it is supposed to be a residential area, not a highway.

The floors are fully driveable though with smaller vehicles:

Older environment upgrades also include testing out the largest cliff elements:

Map work 2018Map work 2018

Which have also worked very well despite their immense size (Arma has certain limits on object size vs workign collisions)

And of course the updated WK-209 stuff which Im pretty proud of. The new legs are sexy:

WK209 NewRun 06WK209 NewWalk 13WK209 NewWalk 10

These have not however made their way into game yet as our teaser for 2018 shows. The old ones work though, the new ones area just a lot better. :D

Also we would like to invite everyone interested in Lost Dragons to our Discord channel to discuss the mod and Lost Dragons universe development:

Thats all for now and we'll be posting more new stuff when theres new stuff to show! Enjoy your summer!

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