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That article is about moddb updates of the mod and its future.

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Hi, I am a developer of the mod ATDamocles(Artes Thrawhn) and wanna say a few sentences about how does the mod go? And answer on FAQ.

-Moddb release: I do not know if the mod works on retail/GOG versions of the game, because mod initially was builded for Steam version. You can find it easily on Steam workshop.

-Steam version has not all factions, that you mentioned. It is true, but partially, all factions already have been coded in the mod, they only need to be unlocked for play via patches.

-Every time you rebelance a mod and do not release it! - Yeah, I am perfectionist and wanna make mod be equally cool (but in my own way) as Star Wars Expanded, EAW Remake, AotR and many others. Creators of these mods inspired me to make my own, so I am really grateful for their advices and help.

-The mod is dead - no updates. Every major faction in the mod has 5 - SubFactions with different gameplay, so every week+-3 days I will post details about subfaction and how it can be used in battle. When the mod will be released, there will be an special GC map for Star Trek subfactions only.

Thanks for your patience!

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