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I have a new update available... just can’t upload it lol. Check out the comment for the newer downloads! Some assembly required.

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Hey everyone.

As those who follow the mod on discord may be aware, I’m currently in a crap internet situation. I’m stuck in a hot and dusty desert country tor another couple of months and the internet is so dire that it’s impossible for me to upload the mod the moddb, every time I try it drops the upload within 5 minutes. Attempts to upload to google drive or something similar also failed. Luckily my brother has managed to download the mod from the steam upload (steam uploads work, go figure) and put it on google drive. Here is a link.

20171208210138 1


I haven’t tested it myself for obvious reasons but I see no reason for why this shouldn’t work so feel free to test it.

20171208212538 1

This version includes fixes for the Cylon space station hardpoints, radar and icons, Bolitho frigate, updated Jupiter class models with more flak hardpoints, new explosion particles, increased battle cap to 40, 25% reduction in unit size and increased speed to improve pathfinding, ablative armour, changes to UI and some icons, smaller fighter units, tweaks to balance and new Colonial defence stations.

swfoc 2017 11 12 14 48 32 137Progress2

And that’s just the changes I can remember lol.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if the download works!

loketuff - - 153 comments

just upload it here

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mighty_moose416 Author
mighty_moose416 - - 501 comments

Did you read the article?

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Gylfe - - 236 comments

Thank you for the update! I will try to find time to try it in the next couple of weeks. My wife and kid are in Europe, so hopefully on my couple days off this weekend.

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Gylfe - - 236 comments

I tried to edit my reply, but it wouldn't let me. I can package it all and try to upload it if you give me somewhere to upload it. I have 150mb up/150mb download speed, so I should have no problem doing it. I'll PM you if I get a chance to do it, but I do need somewhere to put it.

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SquishyforGDI - - 400 comments

Hi, you can upload it to google drive, if its zipped it shouldnt corrupt. You can then share a link on the discord, or here

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