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This mod includes all the features shown in the summary plus several other codes to improve gameplay. At this point, the mod is stable, error-free, and testing well. The factions are reasonably balanced. I anticipate a release of a finished stable version in early September 2015. I can't wait!

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Link to mod info at Taleworlds forum:

Main Gameplay Features
Diplomacy 4.2
Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment (PBOD).92 (with some code from PBOD .96 to fix script_get_formation_destination. Khergit units also now use formations).
Freelancer 1.51 (with several fixes from Floris 2.55. The player can now now participe in siege defenses. When captured, the player is given a quest to return to your commander).

Other Mini-mods and Codes
Tavern Animations
Recruit tier 5 troops from castles (including my own simple trigger to replenish supply of available tier 4 recruits every 30 days).
Auto-sort troops in castles.
Outposts Kit (this kit has a few bugs but are not game-breaking or causing crashes).
Bridge Battles Kit.
Bank of Calradia (Landlords and Moneylenders).
Salt Mines to have your prisoners earn you money each week.
Buy troops rest time in the tavern to improve morale.
Script forcing infantry troops to be equipped with all the melee weapons in their inventory. This ensures that troops with polearms/2-handed and side-arms in their inventory will be equipped with both.
Code that increases max party size for owning a fief and owning castles. This does not affect the party size and morale aspect.

Changes to Troops and Items
Modified party templates to reduce the amount of cavalry in AI armies.
Reduced the number of cavalry tiers for factions having cavalry (Swadians, Vaegirs, Khergits, Sarranids).
Added a tier 6 infantry for Swadians, Vaegirs, Khergits, Sarranids, and Rhodoks. Nords already had tier 6 and still have the best tier 6 infantry in the game (increased the Nord Huscarl from level 27 to level 28).
Added mounted skirmishers for Khergits, Nords, and Rhodoks.
Khergits now have fewer mounted troops than in Native and a viable infantry line.
Added skirmisher lines to each faction.
Equipped each faction with various OSP arms and armor packs to make them distinctive from each other. Some native equipment is still used for some troops.

A full list of features and credits will be included upon release. All of the listed additional features come either from OSPs or my own work.

Zeroyalgamer001 - - 7 comments

This Mod looks awesome keep up the good work i cant wait for it

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Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 931 comments

Thank you. It will be released soon- early September provided I don't get too ambitious and keep adding new things! At this point I have been working on it for about 6 months and am getting to the point where I am ready to complete it. It is stable and error-free and has a good balance across the factions.

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Zeroyalgamer001 - - 7 comments

Is it possible to make a mod where u are able to customize your own troops?

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Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 931 comments

It is possible. There are several OSP source codes available. I have considered this. One way is to build the troops into the module system. Another way is to allow customization of the troops as you play the game. I would probably opt for the former rather than the latter.

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Nubbycao - - 18 comments

I think it is a little past September, any ideas on how long the mod might take?

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Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 931 comments

It will be released within the next two weeks. I posted a Sep. 29 update to let you all know the status. All the intended features are added and working well. I am just have a little bit of tweaking and polishing to do here and there, mostly map-related stuff.

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