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Hello everyone! It's time for another TMF update!!

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So Close and yet so far!!!! Except for one final cutscene and several minor tweaks to the last level, all level architecture is complete.

The following still needs to be completed before release:
1. Record the voiceovers and place them in all three maps.
2. Add credits to the first map.
3. Change menu to look more professional(not sure about this one as I am not skilled in Flash)
4. Beta test and fix any bugs that arise.

For those of you who played the demo, the final version will be very different in the following ways:

1. The first map is almost completely different and the story has been rewritten.
2. Because of the rewrite, all voiceovers will be recorded again.
3. Last but not least, there is a 3rd and final map that completes the story.

I made these changes to hopefully tighten up the story and resolve some of the issues people have been reporting to me. I hope you all approve when the time comes. The recording sessions for voice acting should start in November. I will have a better idea of a release date at that time. As always, I have included screenshots. This time, I took 1 or 2 shots from each map for an overview. Enjoy!

Map 1: Infection

Map 2: Gestation

Map 3: Mutation

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