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Hello everyone! It’s Watcher and I have a lot of news for you. As you could see from the recent activity, we are back in business. Red Alter mod was revived and developed in its own direction.

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Hello everyone! It’s Watcher and I have a lot of news for you.

As you could see from the recent activity, we are back in business. Red Alter mod was revived and developed in its own direction. The development of Red March received a reboot and is also gradually moving forward. Both projects have overlapping content due to their common origin. However, our progress is moving in tortoise steps.

Thanks to fresh blood in the team, we can show something new. Yes, we understand that these are far from the best models that can be done. Our team is still very small and basically consists of not very experienced people (no offense, guys). We still really need experienced people, especially 3d artists.

Also, we created page on Patreon! If you want to support us, be sure to look at it! Of course, the page is created primarily for Red March, but the content will be shared with Red Alter too.

Visual content archives

Recently, I have analyzed all the remaining workings of the project since 2010. Unfortunately, not everything survived, many models were lost. Nevertheless, I finally uploaded almost all of the drawings that were made for the project. Among them, there are many stupid sketches of the strangest ideas made in different periods of project development. Because of potential problems with copyright, some of the concept art for Red March had to be purged of elements that could cause problems. In addition, I uploaded almost all of the renders and beautiful screenshots that I had. Here many previously not uploaded images.

I divided them into two parts: the Red Alter period and the Red March period.

[Red Alter] Public art gallery.
[Red Alter] Screnshots and renders.

[Red March] Art public gallery.
[Red March] Screnshots and renders.

Third faction revealed!

Half year ago, I told about the third faction that we planned back in the days of Red Alter. But this story was in the news for the Red March page, but so Red Alter is now developing too, it's worth telling about this faction here. Sorry for my forgetfulness.

It’s been many years and it would be pointless to hide one of the most interesting features of our project for any longer. Long ago, back in 2009-2010, when the project was nothing more than a mod for another game and had a completely different name, there were ideas to add a third party to the traditional "Confrontation of East and West in the Cold War." The idea was to re-writing the setting into a hybrid of WWII and Cold War settings and to add the Nazis as a third faction. However, stereotypical Nazis would seem lazy. At that time, it was customary to show them in sci-fi settings as an embodiment of the dieselpunk style and weird technology. We took a new look at the aesthetics of the factions: the United Nations (formerly the Alliance of Nations) were based on the futurism of the 1970s and 1980s and were close to cyberpunk, and the Warsaw Pact (formerly the Comintern) was based on the futurism of the 1950s and 1960s, And was close to dieselpunk and atompunk.

Therefore, the Reich faction in the Red March was made to be made quite unusual, based on the themes of transhumanism and post-cyberpunk. The first concept art for the Reich faction was made in 2010, and the last in 2012. The evolution of the image quickly led us to the cyborgs, encased in armor and covered with implanted devices.

Even the architecture of the Reich was strange and extraterrestrial, which further emphasized their basic idea of ​​the "otherworldly evil".

We wanted to show Nazism as a terrible disease on the body of humanity, as an irrational absolute evil. Therefore, the Nazis in our setting came from a parallel world that they had conquered, but at a very high price. Their world was dying after the global war, and expansion and the Reich’s insane leadership demanded new sources of resources and "lebensraum".

To survive in their poisoned and irradiated world, they have advanced in the production of nanomachines and transhumanistic technologies, mastering genetic engineering, cybernetic augmentation, and, most disturbing of all, controlling the mind with the help of implants and various brainwashing technologies. The Reich became more like a machine than a nation, in which people are only gears, and the machine is fueled only by war and new conquests. Only a few people (they may not even be people anymore…) outside of the most important leaders have the privilege of free will and thought.

In view of the peculiarities of the ruling regime, scientific progress has almost stopped and is prone to erroneous theories. Therefore, most of the new ideas and technologies the Reich received through the conquest of new worlds, spreading its influence to other timelines. They do not understand the principles on which their advanced military toys work, but this is not too important for them as long as it works, and production lines produce products.

However, their ability to transfer objects to other worlds was very limited and needed many years of preparation. Therefore Nazis waited several decades before striking their blow on a world weakened by the conflict. They contacted the Third Reich during the WWII, but the huge difference in the technical base and limited teleportation abilites did not save Germany.

Hidden away in their secret bases, they manipulated the superpowers and their blocs, pushing them and provoking a world war. Finally, in 1969, they are ready to reveal themselves.

New side project

I, TugoDoomer and our friends are working together on a completely new side project called Interbellum. It was originally conceived as a commercial prospect and possible for realization by our limited forces within our capabilities. I am sure that he will like all those who are interested in the WWI aesthetics. On his success depends the fate of Red March. And this project also have own Patreon page with many lore articles and cool art. More content is coming up. Soon we will make a very important announcement.

Our contacts

Do you want to constantly keep up to date with our news and see exclusive content? Join our Discord server!

In addition, you can support our projects through Patreon:
Red March Patreon page.
Interbellum Patreon page.

Have a nice winter, folks!



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Surprised you're still going even after such setbacks and prolonged hiatuses.

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Top 10 anime comebacks.

Keep it up guys, I hope you'll find good people, your work is amazing and your artworks are always spot-on c:

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And you're absolutely sure you mean “Red ALTER” and not “Red ALTAR”...?

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Watchdream Author

Oh sure. Whence such an assumption?
"Red Alter" is an anagram of Red Alert, besides it makes sense "red alternative".

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I thought “alter” was a pretty strange abbreviation for “alternative”, and that having a colour before a verb was pretty weird.
but I guess as an anagram of “alert” it works.
I was thinking more like “red altar” as in, the worship of the communist ideal happens on the battlefield.

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Amazeballs!!! Love the Psychic Dominator Vibe I'm getting from that monolithic building.

All Hail Yuri!

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