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Hi to all Moddb community members! Here you will see what I have been working on for the past year or so!

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Hi to all Moddb community members! Here you will see what I have been working on for the past year or so!

  • AH7-Lynx

This helicopter was intended to be the transport helicopter for the EU faction, but was cut early on the development of the Euro Force booster pack. This helicopter was supposed to be on the 64 player map size of Great Wall as well as on other larger map sizes that were also cut.

As one of the early goals of this mod, adding this chopper back to the game was a high priority. I made a reskin of the helicopter so that it can resemble the other EU vehicles, and I also coded the helicopter to function in the same way the other transport helicopters do.

Lastly, thanks to the Project Reality mod for allowing me to use their model for the helicopter, especially Rhino for providing permission.

  • Great Wall 64

In default Battlefield 2: Euro Force, there were no new maps that featured the 64 player map variants. They only had 16 and 32 player sizes. One of the early goals of my mod is to make sure that all the maps in the game, including the three Euro Force maps, have a 64 player variant as well.

Notable new features of this specific new map variant is the fact that the map is a lot more open with many new vehicles and control points, but the most notable is the addition of helicopters.

  • Fixed Viewports

If any of you know default Battlefield 2: Euro Force very well, then you will immediately notice that the camera settings and the viewport model is different.

In default Battlefield 2, the Leopard L2a6 and the Challenger 2 tanks have broken and unfinished viewports and as a result of that, it was much less pleasurable to use them.

Here in my mod that specific problem has been fixed and the viewports are now completely consistent with the other tank's viewports.

  • Stationary HK21

In Battlefield 2: Euro Force, the EU team was using the same mounted stationary LMG as the USMC team. This is inconsistent with the other factions, because all the other factions have their own LMG as well as a modified stationary version of it.

This might be an oversight on the part of EA/DICE, but it doesn't really matter now since I already adapted the HK21 LMG model to be the stationary model of the EU faction.

Ismoleboss - - 1,652 comments

nice :D

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JONES™ - - 1,780 comments

Great, hood job mate :)

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Marek33 - - 3,888 comments

Awesome job! We need more mods with original content.

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Emiliomau - - 654 comments

Trabalho muito profissional

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MariusMaximus Author
MariusMaximus - - 1,286 comments

Thank you very much! :)

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Gattobuono - - 643 comments

Wow ... keep up the great work!

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SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

That is some neat stuff. I especially like the tank viewports.

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