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So it's time for some sort of overview of what I've done so far and I've got a new patch in the works that will be finished anytime soon. I would love to know what you guys think, if not in this patch, it could be included in the next one. Credits & such are found in the readme, which will follow in the next installment.

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Morrowind Rebirth

So it's time for some sort of overview of what I've done so far and I've got a new patch in the works that
will be finished anytime soon. I would love to know what you guys think, if not in this patch, it could be
included in the next one. Credits & such are found in the readme, which will follow in the next installment.

Here's a breakdown of all the changes so far (v 1.0 - v 1.2):


* Some creature spawns have been relocated to avoid some pathgrid issues.
* There's a secret cult somewhere in Seyda Neen. There will be a neat reward for those who manage to destroy it.
* Renamed a lot of things in the construction set to make it easier to see what changes I've made. (New items added in Rebirth starts with MR_)
* Removed the small island in Balmora, near the Silt Strider. This was done in order to make place for a new & larger bridge, that boats could actually go through.
* Changed potion names much like BTB did in his "BTB's Sorted New Alchemy Potions", although this is my own personal edit. Credits to him for the idea.
* Removed the shield from Hlaalu Sharpshooters.
* You will now need a muckshovel to "harvest" muck.
* You will now need a minerspick to get glass, ebony & adamantium.
* You will now need Hospitality Papers to receive any services in Sadrith Mora from the Telvanni
* Some special characters are now much stronger that vanilla Morrowind, like they should have been.
* Cliffracers, mudcrabs, rats & other small annoying creatures won't attack unless you do anything to them (blighted/diseased excluded). I've also modified some creatures like Ogrims to be much stronger, bigger, have more health but to be far slower than in the vanilla game. I've also made the rats smaller.
* Just like in the "Expansion Integration", you will now encounter Dwemer Archers in Vvardenfell's ruins. Also: Some of the vanilla Dark Brotherhood members now wear the Dark Brotherhood armor-set.
* Imperial Archers now wear imperial chain boots & imperial chain gauntless.
* Imperial Studded Leather/Imperial Silver Cuirass/Imperial Dragonscale Cuirass now counts as an Legion Uniforms'.
* Gave the Imperial Guards in Gnisis Imperial Broadswords instead of Imperial shortswords. This due to thier low skill in using shortswords.
* Now it will snow in the Hirstaang Forest (20% chance).
* Guild chest added to Caldera Mages Guild.
* You will now be able to "hit" ghosts using Adamantium Weapons.
* Tuned the light in some of the new interiors. In some cases they were far to bright to seem realistic.
* You can now find new Deadric & Dwemer Long Spears in Vvardenfell's ruins. Long spears have a greater
range than ordinary spears. They also cause greater damage.
* Added missing attacksound to Ascended Sleepers.
* Guild cheasts will respawn monthly (It used to be 3 months)
* Fixed pathgrids & ownerships.
* New weapon lengths' for ALL the weapons found in Morrowind, includes the new ones too.
* Some silver weapons weren't properly marked as silver weapons in the cs, this is now fixed.
* New Imperial Travel Agents that will take you to various destinations around the Island.
* Shops & some other places will close nighttime between 8 pm - 8 am.
* Skaal Guards' will now wear Nordic Shields.
* Helseth's Royal Guards will now wear a new matching Royal Shield
* Around a 100 new NPCs'

* Made Night-Eye an ability (Permanent) for Kahjits & made the waterbreathing last longer for the Argonians. Just like it should have been. I really wanted it to be an ability for Argonians too, but it will ruin the mainquest.
* Argonians have been given a new ability: Swift Swimmer. (20 points)
* Altmers' have had their weakness to fire lowered (25 points instead of 50). their weakness to magica have been removed & they now have the ability to resist paralysis. "(Due to their incredibly strong minds, some Altmer are naturally immune to paralysis, both natural and magical.)". In the vanilla game Altmers' are incredibly weak & I couldn't find out why fire weakness should be higher than the other weaknesses. Neither did I understand why they had a weakness for magica. Please fill me in if you find anything.
* Lowered the attribute (agility) drain when using the Orcs racial power, "Berserk", from 100 points to 50.
* Added paralyze 5 sec to the Nords racial power, Thunderfist. It will also cause more dmg 25-50 instead of 25-25 and will cause shock dmg instead of frost dmg, which made sense considering its name.
* Racial Powers will always succeed.


* Better leaf texture for the big trees around the bitter coast.
* New trees' for the Ascadian Isles, West Gash & some parts of the Bitter Coast, by the master himself; Vurt!
* New splashscreens with Morrowind Rebirth logo.
* The Steel Broadsword now has its own mesh instead of sharing that of the Imperial Broadsword.
* New Main Menu.


This is my attemt to remove "spikes" & seams in the landscape. Also to remove floaters and unnatural placements of trees and other statics. You will notice a big diffrence using Rebirth vs Vanilla.

* Ascadian Isles 90 % done.
* Bitter Coast 50 % done.
* West Gash 75 % done.
* Other Areas 5 % done.

Reworked "Cities"

* Balmora
* Caldera
* Suran
* Dren Plantation
* Vivec Docks
* Gnisis
* Ebonheart
* Seyda Neen
* Pelagiad
* Fort Buckmoth
* Mamooth Legion Fort

Still WIP
* Khuul
* Gnaar Mok

New Armor

* Morag Tong Armor
* Templar Shield
* Adamantium Towershield
* Adamantium Round Shield
* Skull shields (worn by Skeletons)
* Imperial Captains' Helmet

New Creatures

* Deadra Seducer
* Fire Clannfear
* Clannfear Runt
* Flesh Atronatch
* Goblin Shaman

New Weapons

* Falmer Longsword
* Falmer Shortsword
* Wolfbane (Shield)
* Ward Of The North (Shield)
* Silver Katana
* Deadric Longspear
* Dwemer Longspear
* Queen of Bats (wasn't included in the gameworld)

New Misc Items

* Dwemer Scrolls
* 3 paintings (special store)
* Rainbow set containing bowls, cups etc
* Oil Flask
* Poisoneous Vial

New Ingredients

* Atro Flesh
* Comet Slime
* Muffin
* Nether Salt
* Ore Essence
* Scrap Iron
* Swamp Slime
* Telvanni Resin
* Void Essence
* Wind Salt


* Absinthe
* Imperial City Beer
* Morrowind Brew
* Stoneflower Wine
* Telvanni Wine
* The Old Pirate

New Statics

* Ballistas
* Armory display
* Magic Circle
* Windmill
* Globe
* Obelisk
* Throne
* Tent
* Blue Hornlilly (I put it in the wrong tab..)
* Telvanni Altar
* Hlaalu Well
* Dwemer Submarine

New Books

* Tale of The Devious Trader

New Music
* MR_Rebirth - Black Mountain
* MW_Rebirth - Atronach Battle
* MW_Rebirth - Futile Retreat
* MW_Rebirth - Into The Cave
* MW_Rebirth - Molag Amur
* MW_Rebirth - No Fear
* MW_Rebirth - Back To Vvardenfell
* MW_Rebirth - Balmora Sunrise
* MW_Rebirth - Levitating In Vivec
* MW_Rebirth - Lost In The Wild
* MW_Rebirth - Outskirts Of Maar Gan
* MW_Rebirth - Shopping In Aldruhn
* MW_Rebirth - The Lone Guar
* MW_Rebirth - Uncharted Lands

+ New death, level up & theme track.

New Settings
* Doubled the speed of which spells travel.
* I've never liked how Morrowind handled the chance to hit a creature or NPC.This is now somewhat fixed by giving all NPCS & creatures a fortify attack bonus. (20 points). It will of course also apply to the player, rejoice! (This will obviously make the game a bit harder)
* Npc's will have much lower disp if you have your weapon drawn during conversations. (-15 points)
* Training is more costly. (2x the vanilla)
* NPC's won't greet you from a distance. You will now have to stand close to them.
* Boosted the amount of money you have to pay for committing a crime. NPC's will also dislike you more than they used to when commiting a crime.
* 50 % chance to recover projectiles from bodies (arrows, bolts etc). Vanilla percentage was 25 %.
* You will no longer be able to survive jumping of buildings or cliffs.
* Vendors will resupply thier stash of gold every 48 hours. (It used to be 24 hours)

Vanilla Fixes
* Fixed a misaligned wall in Sandas Ancestral Tomb.
* Fixed a travel marker inside Zalits's Yurt that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace.
* Removed a floating wall-piece outside Wolverine Hall.
* Fixed a misaligned door in Suran.
* Fixed the Ald Redaynia Interior which had a lot of misaligned wall-pieces & messy rocks.
* Fixed a floating brazier in Kushtashpi (Deadric Ruin) & fixed the misaligned door.
* Raised the ground in Bal Fell to fix a floating stair-piece.
* Fixed a lot of floaters inside Mat Cave.
* Fixed some floaters inside Andre Mauls's tower & a floating dwemer wall-piece just by the entrence. Also adjusted the tower to match the exterior.
* Fixed a chest inside Ravel Ancestral Tomb that previously had no lock, which made it unable to open. Also fixed some small mesh errors.
* Removed a ladder inside Ashinabi: Smugglers'Den. There was no way you could use this ladder if you fell down the hole inside the cave.
* Raised skraeling shulki's Tent in Gnisis, now she will actually see the player & play the proper greeting.
* Fixed a door inside Kitabael's Hut that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace
* Fixed a missing wallpiece inside the House Of Earthly Delights.
* Fixed the stone bridge outside the Wolverine Hall. It used to clip with the Fort entrence.
* Fixed a lot of issues ranging from clipping meshes to floaters.
* Fixed a floating stone outside Assurdiripal.
* Fixed a floating bag in Assurnabitashpi.
* Fixed a lot of floaters in Addamasartus.
* Fixed a missing wall piece in Hlaalo Manor, also removed a cheast which were stuck inside a wall.
* Fixed some floaters in Hlormaren.
* Fixed a clipping ladder in Indoranyon & master trainer Qorwynn won't no longer be hostile towards the player.
* Fixed a floating rock & some other small things inside Shushishi.
* Fixed a clipping tapestry in Raven Rock, Factor's Estate.
* Fixed a few floaters in Ashmelech. I also removed the sword from Toranu Rothalnim, who's a prisoner.
* Fixed some missaligned lanterns in Sha-Adnius plus a few other things.
* Fixed a missaligned document in Shallit.
* Fixed a "cell door" in Kudanat, holding a few slaves. This should obviously be locked, which wasn't the case in vanilla.
* Fixed the spell "Summon Bonewolf". Changed it from the school of Alteration, to Conjuration. Just like the other summon spells. (I'm not sure if it's used in-game though)
+ a huge number of fixes for other areas*
*Assarnud, Assemanu, Assemanu Shrine, Assu, Beshara, Beran Ancestral Tomb, Ansi, Grytewake & Ashurnibibi.

I need to thank Slartibartfast1 for his mod Poorly Placed Object Fix v1.0 , which I used as a base for these changes. Sadly It wouldn't work well with Rebirth, so I've manually implemented his improvements, among others I've found in diffrent threads.

* New deskop icon for Rebirth.


There's a lot of other fixes, but due to the size it's impossible to remember them all. Rebirth is a huge
mod & will cause a lot of issues with other mods. This is unavoidable due to the huge landscape changes
I've made. I can't make it modular, since that would cause a lot of landscape seams/holes.

Expect 1.2 soon!

DudenClarity - - 98 comments

Awesome stuff :D

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56er - - 1,253 comments

best MW Mod ever.

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jmancube - - 22 comments

Like the look of this, and I agreed with the changes to the various races. The way I reasoned the weakness to magicka for the Altmer was due to them having a higher sensitivity to it.

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lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

All of your stuff is amazing :)

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booman - - 3,651 comments

Wow, all of this from one person?
How many hours a month do you estimate working on it?
Great job by the way

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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 - - 3,032 comments

Thaks guys, glad someone likes what I've done. I swear next version will be super awesome :)

Booman: Hard to say, perhaps 50 hours a month. I really don't know! :

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Hidraga - - 201 comments

TLDR, but your awesome anyway!

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