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An announcement and look at an incredible review and win for us.

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I think this is as perfect of a time as ever to point out some awesome things. But first and foremost, Worry of Newport won Mod of the Week on RockPaperShotgun. Something I understand is not an easy feat, and we were chosen over genre super-heavyweights such as Stanley Parable. We're honored, and very very pleased with Adam's brilliant, in depth, and unnameable (Lovecraft in-joke) review.

You can check it out here!

Moving along happily, I'd like to take this special occasion to tell you guys about the upcoming Enhanced Edition of Part 2. It will be released sometime this month. In the same way titles such as The Witcher released their same exact game again with some added elbow grease, Part 2 has undergone the same subtle treatment. There isn't any new content, so if you played it once and enjoyed it you aren't going to be cheated out of any new content, but what is added is polish to the natural level design, the removal of the on-rails restriction of invisible walls by opening up the levels a *bit* more, and other goodies I won't spoil.

Quick bulletpoint improvements for Part 2 - EE

  • Swamp Scene retooled, with the objective (Blowing up the house with the barrel and pistol) easier now.
  • Easier install method, and Desura support.
  • All the prior released patches
  • Over 120 bugfixes for Cryengine2 related problems.
  • Overhaul to all natural vegetation scenes, expanding on them and removing invisible barriers.
  • And much, much more.

But again I need to fully stress that if you played and enjoyed Part 2, a replay might not be necessary for you when the EE comes out. But for newcomers to the series, and the less forgiving folks out there who played Part 2 early in release, need to definitely check out the Enhanced Edition when it releases sometime in September.

Media will be attached to the main page within a day or two showing the new environment designs, with notes and before and after compares.

Look out for more media, trailers, and other cool stuff as the days crawl by now that the team is happily inspired by such a wonderful review to finish the last bits of work we need to do to put this project behind us.

Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

Subtitles? If you are interested, might translate them to Turkish to gather more players.

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C-zom Author
C-zom - - 599 comments

This would be incredible, but translating all the book pages and narrations to turkish would take a considerable amount of time--there's a little under 100 pages of material.

If you're still interested, shoot me a PM and I can gather it all together for you in a download. :D

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Architect3D - - 49 comments

Add both parts into a single package, if possible and increase the main characters speed or at least run speed to raise the tempo of the story and experience, It feels like a walk on the beach, rather then a horrific ordeal your trying to escape and the tension to find a conclusion inorder to deal with the situation. But most importantly for replay value it's simple to slow.

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C-zom Author
C-zom - - 599 comments

Both parts are split because there's no saving, so it helps make playing easier. When the EE comes out install instructions for part2 will be a breeze

I'll see about increasing the walk speed but given how small the chunks of levels are, and the contemplative mood, I really don't see why one *should * run. But a few people since the RPS review have asked me to bump it up a bit, so I'll see what I can do for scenes like the colony, jungle, and so forth.

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discoisntdead - - 51 comments

Huh. I made a post on the RPS forums linking to my WON playthrough just a couple of days before Mr. Smith posted that. Must be a coincidence really ;)

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