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An update on what is happening with the mod, some future new content.

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Hey everyone,

It has been a hectic and exciting time for the mod recently! I have been working closely with a fellow modder called Atarisulfur who is sharing and porting models with me. These models have come from several sources, including the Fleet Commander mod and the Fall of Kobol mod. Most of these models will be added to the mod as new or replacement units in the roster. I have included screenshots of some of these units below.
















That's just a small selection, I've posted other models previously and I will post others in the coming days.

Now this stuff is going to impose a delay on the release while I incorporate the new models, plus the fact that my workload has dramatically increased in the past week or so and doesn't look like it will be settling down again for a while. I can't therefore give a probable release date at this time. The wait will be worth it though as these new models, both units and background pieces will add a load of depth to the game and should allow me to remove any last star wars models.

My thanks to Atarisulfur for porting these models and Klaycus who has provided conversions of the Homeworld models that are suitable for porting to this game. Klaycus also has a source for the Diaspora models appparently so we should soon be seeing the Theseus as well as some other models from this mod very soon.

Thanks for reading!

Hyrum_Solo - - 30 comments

Wow, great models. Think I could use the ones from the 1978 series?

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mighty_moose416 Author
mighty_moose416 - - 501 comments

The modeller is going to be a while as he has a huge number of models to go through (50+!!!) but as soon as I have them I can pass them along. Alternatively you could contact him directly or through Steam under the same name, he has a mod uploaded onto the steam workshop which is a conversion of mine with a bunch of new units and some unique GCs covering the TOS and new series.

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Lukas9695 - - 50 comments

So that Mercury model will be for all. Could you´re modeller add for the Pegasus hero ship the "Pegasus BSG 62" registry number on the flight pod? that would be awesome.
if that is possible that would be great for the galactica and aurora too

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Lukas9695 - - 50 comments

*your moedeller :D

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vetra-vance - - 7 comments

whats up with the C&C model

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mighty_moose416 Author
mighty_moose416 - - 501 comments

The kodiak is part of the rag-tag civilian fleet which was included as an easter egg

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COMR4DE_ - - 82 comments

Oof, my overall biggest fear is that this mod'll completely kill my frames. I remain ever hopeful, though. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Guest - - 698,818 comments

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mighty_moose416 Author
mighty_moose416 - - 501 comments

So far the frame rate of the mod is actually the best it's ever been. Atari has been modifying the various explosions to make the less graphically intensive and this along with some other tweaks mans that the lag isn't too bad. I played a full fleet test battle the other day and the frame rate didn't drop below mid twenties

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