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One thing I am not going to miss is this summary field.

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Some people likely saw this coming for some time but I am likely cancelling this mod. I'm not saying for sure that I am yet because I have yet to see if I can squeeze some extra time out of my days to keep making it, but it's unlikely. I can't neglect my real life for a mod. I've been doing that a bit in the past and it's a really dumb thing to do.

I don't want anything I've made to go to waste so I will likely release all the assets to people who want them.

I already offered Enigma (Arsenal Overhaul, which already has two weapons I ported/edited for Swartz mod 2.0) my weapons so I'll see if he wants them. If he does people can download his mod if he includes them all and get them through there (I still need to do stuff like finish world models and make scopes regular attachments again).
If he doesn't want them I'll give them to someone else.

In terms of scripts, it's a bit of a mess so I would likely just release it as-is via Dropbox or something and let people sort through it. Hopefully an actual scripter can come along and figure out a way around the shortcomings with the dual-aiming and solve the crash caused by the gibbing script.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has given their support and time to my mod. If it does die I will make a new post with links to everything mentioned. I'm sorry to potentially disappoint people that have been tracking this, but I hope people will try and understand.

This is not the last of me and modding, it's just that due to my time constraints I'll have to make smaller scale projects from now on. I will likely not be doing any future projects for Stalker: Call of Pripyat except for porting over Meltac's Dynamic Shaders 2.0 to COP when it comes out.
I will probably make mods for Lost Alpha when that comes out and now that the source code for Cryengine 3 has been released I may do some mods for that as well.

Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Same here. My mods are starting to get a little bit ... well, abandoned. I do want to have your build to back it up on my HDD though, just in case.

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D.M.E - - 4,446 comments

Shame, you've done good things in the past, Good luck with your future projects. I hope you consider giving what you've done out as a resource for anyone to use with credit.

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Beac - - 1,030 comments

Sorry to hear that mate :/

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VikCleDoom - - 1,302 comments

it's ok friend, real life obviously is way more important.. yeah a pity you gotta do this but it's your decision, hope you ok and man! i can imagine, you making a stalker mod whith cryengine 3 'fcourse theres already some.. but it would be great seeing YOU in da future making some other stuff :)

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Etcetera - - 170 comments

Sad to see a promising mod go, but as others have said, real life comes first.

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JackRabbitSlim - - 502 comments

I wish you the best of luck, whatever comes out of all of this I'm sure will be good. Don't let fantasy destroy your reality.

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andrewmaster0 - - 47 comments

Will you still leave this mod up and running with what you can add to it before it's shut down? Just so that we can download it in the future again regardless of new or updated content?

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-=ForcesUnknown=- - - 36 comments

~its happening~

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TheLozza - - 319 comments

Ahh thats a shame man :(

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Daemonion - - 529 comments

Sounds like you are making the right choice. Hope to still see you around - you're one of the friendly faces in this community. Best of luck to you!

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alan2234 - - 123 comments

hey jke, thanks for your excellent mod of swartz that you gave to us, obviously real life is more important than the virtual world. (it was still nice to see you around the community though)

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DoktorPaj - - 31 comments

Sorry if this has been answered, but did you ever upload the unfinished stuff from this mod?

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