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Sorry for the bad news, but it's delayed. But theres also some good news in it.

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Mod was delayed, due to lack of testing i'm aviable to do as some people that i usualy test with are, well gone, and source only allows one instance of the engine running causing me to need someone. Actualy i only need to test one change, but it is crucial to the gameplay.

On the bright side i started working on less complex project, which already has most important codings done, LOST was ment was slower people who don't like action games, while my new project is diffrent in it your life will depend on actions you take every second and i already got name for it 'ANTLION PARATROOPERS'. As you see it god paratroopers in it, so yeh you guessed you got a parachute. In this action mod you will have to drop into the battlefield with parachute and fight antlions, first release you will only be able to play as human soldiers/medics while later versions of the game you will be able to play as the antlion itself, evolving from grub to a one bad *** antlion guard. This mod's core will be mostly maps themselves, with no huge tweaks in code itself, like my previous project.

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