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Here is a brief list with some of the features of the mod. It will be updated and expanded, as more will be added, in the future.

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  • A new map, with completely new settlements, many new cities, castles and villages for the player to explore.
  • Eight different major factions, each with its own lore and origin story, 3 mini-factions, and countless bandits, undead raiders and other nasty encounters.
  • Completely new items, appropriate to the setting, lore and theme of the mod. Very performance friendly, due to relatively low poly-count and customized and organized textures and texture atlases. Each and every item has been edited to have correct length, weight and price, according to the material it was made from; emphasis given on realism and balance.
  • All new troops, completely unique to each faction, with different strengths and weaknesses, true to the lore of their faction. Many and different mercenary units, human and non-human ones. Balanced stats, but again, emphasis has been given to realism and geared towards an enjoyable gameplay experience. Two different troop trees for each faction, one for commoners, recruited from villages, and one for noblemen, recruited from towns.
  • Gladiatorial games, with different gladiator classes, each one unique in its armament and gameplay.
  • Expanded and improved trade, with new modifiers for trade items, new trade opportunities and individuals to trade.
  • Random events system, with events being presented to the player for a variety of situations, at random intervals; events include simple, lore friendly dialogue or text, choices that should be made, some more severe than others, new quests or chances to discover legendary items.
  • New battle system, with backstabbing, critical hits and new morale on the battlefield.
  • Bounty hunting system, originally made by HookieBT.
  • A fame system, similar to that of the Fate or Torchlight games.
  • Included Formations mod, Diplomacy, new animations, colour coded messages, fixed loot system and tons of mini-mods, to fix Native bugs, add new things to the game or expand on existing mechanics
  • Heroes and Demi-gods roaming around the map with their war-bands; Good heroes or villainous bandits, all available to talk to or battle, as the player sees fit. Feature made originally by tocan.

And many more, waiting for the player to discover and enjoy...

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