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A summary of everything I did on the mod and the limitations of the mod itself. Leave a comment below if you have questions.

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An enemy player getting hit by a Predator MissileIntroduction:

Okay, I'll introduce myself first. I am a lurker of the dynamusecorp website named RestOutLife back in 2010, in which Counter Warfare 2 was under development by a series of members from the said website. Today, I managed to get my hands on the mod itself and even unlocked most of the locked(encrypted) files from it. I managed to contact some of the members and had a bit of guidance on how scripting works in amxx language. I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER NOR A SCRIPTER. I just tried my best in knowing some of the basics and features of the language. In any case, I do not have the knowledge on debugging of some stuff in the mod.

Without further ado, here are some of the notable changes I did with the mod.

- Managed to tweak some of the models and sounds and even added more - to further simulate the COD:MW2 environment

- Added more promising plugins from the alliedmods forums and tweaked a LOT of them to fit the MW2 gameplay as well as some of the flaws of the plugins itself. This is most noticeable once you replaced some of the plugins in the mod itself with the ones available from the alliedmods forums. One of the noticable plugins is adding a bit of physics on some entities and the guns themselves.

- Tweaked the firerate and damage output of the guns in order to simulate the MW2 gun stats(I manually set and tried buffing and nerfing damages, etc.)

- Added a LOT of visuals, which are personally made by ME(Infractem), and based the design on the original MW2 visuals, heck I even upped my picture editing skills because of this mod.

- Added a LEVELING/XP and Challenges/Achievements plugin which were tweaked a LOT(I mean a LOT) to fit the gameplay of MW2.

- Some maps were removed and some are added as well. Overviews of some overview-less maps were also added and retouched by ME. Special thanks to that tutorial from gamebanana forums.

- Added new plugins by yours truly, like the bloodscreen effect when in low HP, as well as tweaking(and further debugging) of the core plugin of the mod itself - which is the killstreak plugin made by Cypis, a polish scripter. The original plugin also failed to integrate the plugin for the bots to use - in response, I made the BOTSTREAKS system in the plugin which is one of my proudest contribution in this mod.

Bloodscreen effect:Wounded, but can still fight!

Simpler MW2 Predator Missile change from the previously stinger style version of the Cypis killstreak pluginde skidrow 20100001

- Used the ACG module (also known as xPhere) which relies on an external .dll file, to extend features such as the radar map and better visuals for the game. Without ACG, majority of my changes are not possible.


The goldsrc engine is a very old engine which really has the limitations such as the 512 precache limit - which ultimately led me to cancel the faction-defined voice announcers for the killstreak plugin.

Height limit of the maps also contributes on the limitations of adding more features into the mod.

The goldsrc engine also limits itself to use mono and non-stereo mode on the sound effects - which may explain why some sounds sounds like trash.

The mod is designed for 1280x720 resolution, changing the resolution might slightly affect some visuals.

ACG/xPhere last update was back in 2015. Personally, ACG is a very good module with potential but sadly the website of the module itself is inaccessible at the moment. I managed to access it via the internet archives though. You may want to visit the website to check it yourself.

It is also worth noting that the mod using ACG, as its last update was in 2015 - MOD CAN ONLY BE USED/PLAYED IN WINDOWS 8.1 and below. I tried testing the mod in Windows 10 and the module rejected to launch for the mod. Sorry bout that guys.

Known bugs:

As some of the modders of the CS 1.6 scene, weapons do share some "ammo types" which can conflict on some guns. This leads to some of the guns, when bought together, will share the same ammo count(at least on the backpack, not the current magazine amount), and can be either crippling or advantageous to the player. This is because of the XP plugin I used which is very complicated to look unto in the first place.

Red dot sights, does not get disabled under the effect of EMP, and the normal game lighting would also affect the visuals of the dot. This is purely of engine limitation.

The mod also crashes from time to time for no known reason yet. Playable but unpredictable crashes. Chances of crashes if I may describe it is about 2 out of 10 rounds/matches. I am not sure if this is caused by one or two of the plugins I suspect, but rather think this can be blamed on the engine itself. This may also be caused by me using the Counter Warfare 2 mod as the base engine for this mod - as I do not know what else were added in the mod beforehand it was developed. I also failed to get my hands on a clean CS 1.6 that can handle ACG module/xPhere as the module itself is very limited on some types of CS1.6 engine builds. If anyone can provide me a better base engine and whatsoever, feel free to contact me in this website and we'll discuss about it.

Changing the resolution in-game and in main menu will induce a sure crash as well. This was a known issue since the release of Counter Warfare 2 - one of the reasons why I have to use a clean CS 1.6 as well(which I haven't yet obviously).


As promised. the mod itself will be OPEN-SOURCE and I will be releasing all of my sourcefiles soon after release(not immediate but I promise to release them). Proper credits or not, I will appreciate it if you credit me when you use some of the plugins and features in this mod especially the most noticeable ones.

More updates to come! I'll be posting about killstreaks and an in-depth explanation of the gameplay as well. Stay tuned.

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