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MMOD: Tactical is Alive. News about the mod and why no progress has been shown. Rework are coming.

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Hello everyone.

As you may already know, there has been no news or progress on MMOD Tactical for over a year... Come explain why and what will happen to MMOD: Tactical in the future.


I haven't worked or made progress on MMOD: Tactical due to personal issues... I've had to spend more of my time doing 3D model commissions for SFM, L4D2 and Gmod. Commissions that to this day, I continue to do and that thanks to that, I maintain my home, since it is only me and my mother who maintain our home... 2 people out of 5 who live here (I don't want to go into details) like this I have a whole responsibility on top of making commissions, looking for a job where I live, it's earning $20 a week... No, I'm not kidding, literally making commissions for L4D2, SFM and Gmod is more profitable than looking for a job here. However, I suffered from a scam of almost $300 that luckily several friends helped me out of it, but it affected me a lot at the time, all these years of absence were good and bad for the mod...

The bad thing was not announcing anything that due to my absence, the rest of the team had to go to other projects due to my absence. The good thing, thanks to the success of my commission models, is that it acquired assets that would serve MMOD Tactical very well, which I am excited to show off, but all in due time... MMOD Tactical never got canceled or died, it just happened for personal problems of its members, like everyone else. Also the codder issue...
God, you don't know how much this frustrates me, as much as I looked for someone who was interested in participating, someone serious and experienced, I only got people of dubious origin, and honestly I prefer to cancel the mod, than to trust someone who doesn't want to show their projects for some reason.


as mentioned before, MMOD Tactical was not canceled or dead. Not while I'm still here, I wanted to cancel it because it went through personal problems that affected me emotionally to the point of thinking about canceling the mod, but Silent convinced me not to do it and to think better of it and after playing Entropy: Zero 2... I'm more than excited to continue with MMOD Tactical, I have big ideas that I want to execute as soon as possible, I have learned some things these months which I want to add to the mod, for now... Anyone who wants to participate in the mod, either with the sound , music, HUD, animation, mapping and CODDER, you will always be welcome and when you show some portfolio or something that verifies your experience in mods for HL2, or even for Gmod.


the mod will go through a Rework, everything previously seen as combine soldiers will be changed by models that he got with better quality, the old models will be released for Gmod and SFM soon.
Also some weapons that were planned for the mod will be discarded since in my opinion they would overload the mod, but unfortunately or at least for now, MMOD Tactical will continue to be a reskin of MMOD, but with new additions using Mapadd and other modifications for the campaigns and survival maps based on campaign or community maps, so if you want to make yourself known with some survival map or story, it will be welcome.

And finally, I want to thank those people who are still waiting and are supporting the mod to come out one day, By December I hope to be able to show progress although it will probably show it before, since I am excited to continue in mod with what I have and from the new ideas that will improve the mod.
Other than that a few things were also dropped, so that the mod doesn't feel so overloaded.I have nothing more to say, thank you all for your support and soon I will be showing progress, probably next week new things will be seen, for now I can only say this.

Any questions or if you want to participate, leave a comment.

(Sorry if there are any spelling errors)

Obsolete_dev - - 37 comments

Oh.. dude, it's really sad that you had so many problems... I wish you all the best, and I'm also really looking forward to your project)

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alienpilot11 - - 44 comments

Thank you for the update, sorry to hear that things aren't going well.

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ArtifexArdens - - 101 comments

Yo, don't sweat it man. Take all the time you need. You're far from obligated to continue, so simply the fact that you'll be finishing it at some point is way better than the alternative.

I'm not a developer, but I am a professional QA tester with over 2 years of AAA company experience, so if you need someone to find and document bugs for you just shoot me a message.

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SweetRamona - - 5,113 comments

Sorry to hear things have been going super tough for you :<
None the less it's good to hear that this is still being worked on, I wish you good luck on finishing and releasing this ^,^

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TripleXXXtra - - 7 comments

Sad to hear the old combine models wont be used, but glad to hear they'll end up on the workshop

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,519 comments

Shame about the models, they looked SO good, hope the replacements are just as wicked, though!

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Guest - - 692,430 comments

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Guest - - 692,430 comments

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