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A new release is ready for download and includes new skills and balance updates.

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A lot of new tech was discovered and too valuable to not implement before releasing the campaigns,
so today we release Beta 7. A balance patch with a lot of new skills and features.

MMH5.5: Download

Here is our discord server with large compatible maps database and growing online play community:

MMH5.5: Discord

Summoning magic:
-Earthquake can be cast outside sieges and inflict a small amount (20 + 2 * SP) of physical dmg to all creatures (this tactically serves to counter low tier 1-unit stacks)
-tremors perk no longer exists as it is now part of earthquake spell, mana burst perk teaches earthquake spell
-summon elementals now always summons earth by default.
-added 3 new perks in summoning magic each allowing to select another elemental type to summon.
-rearranged DBC bonuses in summoning magic
-nerfed summon elementals amount from 1.8 * SP to 1.5 * SP at expert level and increased mana cost to 20
-you no longer get a 40% bonus for fire elementals
-air elementals -1 initiative
-nerfed tieru and zehir amount of summons
-increased wasp swarm dmg to 10,12,15,18 * SP
-increased initiative of wasp hive by 1
-set wasp swarm atb reduction to 0.2,0.25,0.3,0.4
-increased multiplier of swarm queen specialization to 0.02
-probably fixed hero specs summoning extra stacks in HvH LAN fights (cannot replicate issue to test)



Destructive magic:

-elemental balance perk is moved to destructive and placed after master of storms
-buffed effect of master of storms to x0.5 ATB reduction
-increased damage of meteor shower to ice bolt level and mana cost to 32
-increased damage of stone spikes to eldritch arrow level with lower base and increased cost to 12
-ignite perk adds 50% instead of 33% dmg per round.
-decreased mana cost of fireball to 20 mana, ice bolt to 8 mana, circle of winter to 24 mana
-adjusted various mana pools of creatures and hero specs to the new spell costs
-the evercold icicle, emberstone necklace and emerald slippers also regenerate 2 mana per day
-banish base damage is a bit higher

SP and mana buffs are moved around to have skills compete better with each other:
-secrets of destruction now gives knowledge per level and replaces pariah.
-occultism gives spellpower bonus based on level and also works for destructive.
-arcane brilliance perk also gives spellpower per level instead of mana regen.
-twilight and dark exaltation give mana regen instead of SP at higher level.
-swapped knowledge and spellpower bonuses between detain and weaken perks in process of reducing their text.
-chieftains can now learn casters luck and gain +12 spellpower from it.
-tribal rituals now also gives +4 mana regeneration.

New spymaster and siege master perk:
-New perk: Siege master now merges quadruple catapult with +3 movement speed in sieges in one perk.
-New perk: Spymaster, supports games where heroes can never return to town (see screenshot)



-changed ARMG ladder template B to have T5 dwelling on zone 1, T6 in zone 2 and T7 in zone 3
-unupgrade brawlers made more durable +5Hp, -1 initiative, +Bash ability
-modified all ghosts to be less tanky and more aggressive, -5Hp,+1dmg/-3HP,-1D,+1maxdmg/-4HP,+1 initiative
-reduced hydra/wyvern regeneration to 40-60HP per turn
-nerfed regeneration spell from 60% + 6% per SP to 60% + 4% per SP at expert level
-mining skill is a bit better as it no longer has a chance for 1 gold
-counterspell now cost x2 the opposed spell again, because it is much stronger after being moved
-resurrection artifacts no longer work per stack, but overall
-fixed staff of saint resurrection looping
-fixed band of conjurer giving DBC bonus
-fixed evercold icicle not obtainable in battle sites
-fixed bart still boosting summon elem spell power
-fixed calid starting with too much knowledge
-fixed sylsai not called trickster
-fixed orson getting extra zombies per week
-fixed laszlo not getting extra swordsman on duel template
-davius and malustar no longer start with war machines
-fixed luck penalty on unicorn hornbow and penalty can now be removed with treebron quiver
-fixed a lot of wrong creature names in hero spec and building descriptions
-fixed desc of enlightenment and learning giving the impression all primary stats are increased
-fixed mysticism and refined mana text

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