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A new release is ready for download with Chieftain overhaul and extra balancing

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Download the latest patch here:

MMH5.5: Download Beta 11

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Beta 11:

Critical fixes:

  • fixed Stalker 'Invisibility' ability not working (on stacks larger than 7)
  • fixed 'Laceration' warcry not stunning


  • 'Fine Rune' perk is renamed 'Rune Recycling'
  • 'Rune of Recycling' in addition teaches 'Rune of Thunderclap' and has its description changed to " long as the hero casts only a single rune on a single creature for an entire battle, the resources spend on the rune will be gained back after that battle."
  • 'Rune of Thunderclap' description is improved
  • 'Refresh Rune' perk in addition teaches 'Rune of Berserking'
  • 'Runic Attunement' perk in addition teaches 'Rune of Dragonform'
  • 'Runic Knowledge' perk renamed 'Rune Research'. In addition it teaches 'Rune of Exorcism'
  • 'Tap Runes' perk teaches 'Rrune of etherealness
  • 'Hold The Line' perk in addition teaches 'Rune of Resurrection'
  • hero Inga has new specialization: "Savant: gets additional random primary skills with levels"


  • fixed 'Laceration' log text saying creature is hastened
  • removed rage gain on regular hero attacks (triggers too often)
  • fixed town gate not working when town is jammed over edge of the map
  • fixed hero rotation after town gate
  • fixed Zydar starting without 'Arcane Ritual'

Changes from Beta 10 included in Beta 11:


War cry overhaul
lvl 1 are the 'creeping warcries',
war cry army rage is not based on war cry level
war cries no longer have level requirements

Word of the chief renamed to 'Laceration' and hits enemies for 80 army rage and stuns 0.01 per level (can stack with stunning strike), 5 mana cost, is alternative to regular hero attack because of large amount of army rage it gives.
call of blood buffed to 15 rage per level, 7 mana cost

fear my roar, gives 80 army rage, 15 mana
battlecry renamed to 'Onslaught', now affects only one stack, increases speed by +3! and attack per level, gives 40 army rage, 12 mana

related: all cyclops balanced for 10 ini, 5 speed

horde anger, gives 40 army rage, dmg raised to 0.8x army size, 20 mana
rallying cry renamed 'Battle Cry' gives huge amount of rage to whole army (+240 base) and morale for 2 turns instead of 3, 24 mana

related: Changed name of perk prayer to 'rally' to better fit theme of all factions and changed icons

-the third rage level is gained at 900 instead of 1000 rage
-shout training renamed 'warcry training' and swapped with 'shout of rage'
-shout of rage renamed 'bloodlust' and gives x1.5 instead of x2 rage to all warcries
-mighty shout perk adds +10 level bonus to warcries instead of +5
-tribal teachings renamed 'elder chief' and now gives tier5 every week
-battle elation perk gives +80 rage instead of +50
-bloodfire perk modifies rage gain by 33% instead of 50%
-Stamina perk increases defense per level
-if the hero attack finishes off a stack the army gains +20 rage
-confusion reduces rage by 30 per mastery instead of 5 (works as anti rage spell)
-life drain reduces rage by 20 instead of 90
-weakening strike reduces rage by 30 instead of 90
-blind reduces rage by 60 per turn instead of 100
-frenzy increases rage gain by 50% instead of 100%
-receiving a curse spell does not increase rage by 10
-added dmg absorbtion info to bloodrage skill desc





-Town gate now teleports the hero in the gate of a town, the teleport is canceled if the gate is occupied
-previously buffed dark ritual renamed 'arcane ritual' uses different icons and swapped with arcane training (now sorcery is good early game)
-erratic mana also regenerates randomly 0-10 mana per day
-reduced mage guild cost to 4 wood and 4 ore per level
-reduced talisman lvl 3 cost
-modified rare resource cost patterns for some dwellings from 5 > 5 to 4 > 6 to make building mage guild lvl 2 not interfere with early development
-added +5 wood and ore to cost of resource silo, but reduced its gold cost to 3000
-Stalkers have 7 mana and can no longer become invisible if there are not at least 7 units in the stack
-Shadow Mistress mana increased to 21
-spearweilders, +1 max dmg, -1A, -1D
-skirmishers, +2A,+1D, harpooners -1A,+1D
-encourage perk increases atb by 0.4
-summon spectral dragon is much better (see ingame desc)
-rune artist specialization also adds +1 knowledge
-buffed hypnotize with 30% less base initiative reduction
-buffed summon elementals back to 1.8*SP
-decay nerfed to 2 turns base duration
-poison master spec nerfed to 10% base chance
-blind duration scaling changed to 1 + 0.05 per power
-fixed lich masters and some other casters not receiving the correct amount of mana from hero specialization
-rangers have 10% chance for war machines
-druids have 12% chance for sorcery
-wizards have 10% chance for sorcery
-necromancers start with 2 knowledge for easier start
-heretics start with 2 knowledge for easier start
-tricksters start with 2 knowledge for easier start
-runemages start with 2 knowledge for easier start
-shamans start with 1 attack instead of 1 defense for easier start
-fixed sorcerors learning gating from witch hut


Following heroes are modified for thematic reasons or 'master of curses/navigation' levelup traps:
-sorcerers default perk becomes ritual
-bertrand starts with leadership
-klaus starts with martial arts
-benedikt starts with adv dark
-markal starts with ritual
-orlando starts with master of pain
-wyngaal starts with soldiers luck
-gilraen starts with battle frenzy
-darkstorm starts with war machines
-eruina starts with ritual
-vayshan starts withOUT offense
-naadir starts with drain soul
-deirde starts with ritual
-sandro starts with ritual
-thant starts with eternal servitude
-vidomina starts with eternal servitude
-jhora starts with ritual
-maahir starts with scholar
-ebba starts with war machines
-garuna starts with ritual

-avengers and rangers both get extra dancers to make up for their starting skills (and fixed intro text)
-fixed mephala getting too much trees

-by default all towns (player and neutral) start with mage guild lvl 1 on ARMG maps for better balance and gameplay
(this can be switched off in settings.pak or is overriden if existing build town variables are not 0)
-town conversion cost on ARMG for towns level 0-2 is lowered to 1k,3,3,1,1,1,1
-likely fixed issue of ARMG placing too many magma shrines in one zone
-increased zone guard strength on standard templates from 6 to 8
-increased zone guard strength on belt templates from 6,10 to 8,14
-increased zone guard strength on team templates from 1,6,10 to 2,8,14
-increased zone guard strength on window templates from 6,10 to 8,12
-increased zone guard strength on box templates from 6 to 8
-increased zone guard strength on epic templates from 6,10 to 8,14
-increased zone guard strength on ultima templates from 3,7,9,10,12 to 5,9,11,14,16

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