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First release on MJOLNIR, a small gameplay mod where Doom meets Halo's gameplay.

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MJOLNIR (not to be confused with Thor's hammer) is a gameplay mod. It's a small mod I'm working on on my free-free time.

It replace and implements features to imitate Halo's gameplay here's the key ones:

  • Doomguy has a regenerating shield instead of armor
  • You can only carry two weapons at the same time
  • All weapons have their dedicated ammo, no more Shell, Clip and Cell sharing
  • The Super Shotgun sometimes replace the Shotgun (work on Doom 1 too)
  • Weapons have a zooming capabilities
  • Armor pickups are replaced by grenades and mines
  • Enemies now drop their weapons instead of ammo

What was used so far:

  • Angled PlasmaRifle
    • by Vostyok
  • Melee Shotgun
    • by Ravage
  • STBAR, HUD Font, PlasmaBall sound
    • by skillsaw
  • Pistol sounds
    • by Amuscaria

Have fun!


Looks nice.

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Pretty wicked Idea! 😺

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Horrible music

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Something new in Doom.

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