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We approach the development of the project very responsibly, because this is the real life of children who find themselves in horror stories, most of the characters, as well as locations are made on the basis of real buildings and people.

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Some of the basic facilities of the village of the protagonist include and functional post office with a postman and a postmaster still distributing mails to villages. The village also has a healthcare center that the player can use in case of illness or other health-related issues. Yes, the player can fall sick in the game. Player can get sick (depending upon her choice of action), NPCs can get sick too. Her mother can get sick and task the player in bringing medicine from the healthcare center. Also, the healthcare center has free camps for health upgrading. The health of player is a stats that is affected by food (hunger) and sickness.Also, the village has a bare minimum bank which the player can use to save money or take loans. The player can use money to buy inventory that she can either consume or trade.

The busiest part of the village is the marketplace. Here the player can shop for various items, from grocery to fish, meat, firewood, vegetables, and fruit. The market also consists of other shops and businesses like tailoring etc. Apart from buying stuff, the player can also sell items to the shop owners.

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