MISSING: The Complete Saga is a 3D role-playing game that plays like a life simulator. Your character will have an inventory, and skills based on a skill tree. The game features day/night cycles, and each day you will be assigned new daily tasks, some are based upon new events and happenings. The daily tasks will change as you grow up. You are free to explore the village, take on alternate tasks, and learn new skills apart. Every skill you learn can come in handy when you are in danger.

Key Features :

  • The player creates his/her own story through the open-ended gameplay in this open world. The open-world village provides nuanced details of opportunities through which the player can craft the life of the character.
  • The game takes place in an open world village of rural India. Get immersed in the society and its culture, where every detail has been carefully created to reflect the Indian rural environment and its people as closely as possible.
  • No Combat, No puzzles. This game is a non-violent game. Inviting players to explore and make life choices without getting attacked, stuck, or frustrated.
  • Player stats are reflected by three unique parameters. Energy, Food, and Mood, which plays a key role in accomplishing any task.
  • Fully interactive Inventory and Skill tree. The inventory is limited by the total weight of the items. The skill tree is unlocked through practicing and perfecting a training task.
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mhlH1R wIt is mentioned that there’s a small town near to Devi’s village. Is Devi free to go there anytime or are there limitations?

There are no in-built restrictions on her movement. It is completely dependent on the player’s choices and decisions.

What is the duration of the gameplay?


The gameplay does not have a fixed duration. The focus here is not on the number of playable hours, but where the choices in the gameplay lead you to. The game follows a day and night cycle. Each level is a day - starts at morning and ends at nights - and the cycle goes on throughout the day. There are 12 day-night cycles - you can play for 6 days or you can complete all 12 days and there’s no set hours you can finish the game within.


What are some of the interesting “tasks” the player has to complete to get to the next level?


All tasks are deceptively mundane, but each of these tasks are choices; they are opportunities. And each of them determine how the player will move forward. So behind the mundane, is a very complex reasoning that will define the experience of the game.

The player is always running against the clock. The ‘window of opportunity’ is a key strategy in this game.

You have to stack your tasks which may be as simple as going to school or as complex as bringing your inebriated father back home in the dead of the night - in a village that turns more and more hostile as the sun goes down.

You also have to accomplish and achieve certain skills - be it acquiring good grades at school, learning regional art, learning music, learning how to run a business or farming - depending on what the player wants his/her skill set to be.


These expand the player’s exploration of the village.


Distances matter a lot in this game. The time you spend covering a distance, eats away at your window of opportunity.

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Missing - The Complete Saga.What we've accomplished for the month?

Missing - The Complete Saga.What we've accomplished for the month?


We approach the development of the project very responsibly, because this is the real life of children who find themselves in horror stories, most of...

Podcast interview on the results of our work

Podcast interview on the results of our work


This is an RPG based on the life of Champa, a young girl trafficked into brothels. #GameForChange to raise awareness about trafficking.

Interview with the developer Missing - The Complete Saga

Interview with the developer Missing - The Complete Saga


Interview with the developer of the game, the answers to the most asked questions, look! It will be interesting.

Missing - The Complete Saga New location

Missing - The Complete Saga New location


What significance do you think 'temples have in the day to day living of an Indian rural character?

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