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Welcome back Miolhrians!Miolhrians 20.8.5 Update with the NEW YEAR with some fixes and updates. we go..

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Update 20.8.5 is Now Live!

Welcome back Miolhrians!

Miolhrians 20.8.5 Update with the NEW YEAR with some fixes and updates. we go..

Before we do, I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us with the next installment of 2nd Season of Miolhr the Comic which you can support of GoFundMe below! The First 12 Issues which includes the first season can be seen on Webtoons at no cost. If you like it help us, get this out by years end!

This Update will clean up a lot with some polish and a good wiper!!

I do want to warn you as it will get harder for your survival with the NEW UPDATE...

Now this update will include....

-Lantern to Flashlight upgraded!

Flashlights now have a larger radius for seeing in the dark!

-Mi Device Updated!

-Website update for more help for beginners!

-Webtoons updates including NEW Issue #12 of Miolhr!

-More Enemies now have New Abilities!

-NEW Enemy Abilities includes..

-NEW Tranquil Ability! (Known by most enemies)

-Tranquil Ability will disable using items in battle!

-NEW Glare Ability! (Known by most enemies)

-Glare Ability will disable the enemy from using items or fleeing from


-NEW Frost Ability! (Known by some Ice enemies)

-Frost ability freezes enemy reduces (HP/Life per step -1)

-Reduces Life stats 10% and Agility and Kick % stats % by 50%!

-NEW Radiate Ability! (Known by some Poison enemies)

-99% of Food poisoning!

-99% of RADiation!

-NEW Pressure Ability! (Known by some Poison enemies)

-Boost Attack to 91%!

-Reduces Defense to 0%!

-Hits user with recoil damage! (Recoil damage Life)

-NEW Divine Ability! (Known by some Water/Ice enemies)

-Boost Flee to 90%!

-Reduces Attack to 10%!

-Hits user with recoil damage! (Recoil damage Life)

-Blinding Ultra Ability now has an increased radius!

-NEW Enrage Ability! (Known by some fire enemies)

-Enrage Increases pets attack by (1-5).

-Enrage lowers pets defense by (1-5).

-Max Attack 99.

-Ability ends when pet returns to capture device.

-Mining Bikes updated!

-Multiple fixes with mining bikes including durability and escaping mines!

-Lantern animation updated!

-Upgradeable safety in beds in safehouse now allow you to get 100% protection from looters attacks!

-Some home lanterns have increased lighting ranges!

-Animation updated for Abilities and Ultra Abilities!

-Getting a High enough IQ can now help you break into mini safes!

-Pet beds are now usable to recover passed out and a pet low on stamina.

-Some bandits, raiders and looters have lanterns in dark locations!

-Looters, Raiders and Bandits abilities have been updated!

-Mi Sync devices are now upgradable!

-Increased storage when upgraded!

-Home storage upgradeable!

-Increased storage when upgraded!

-Safehouse storage upgradeable!

-Increased storage when upgraded!

-Enemy movements randomized!

-Some enemies have randomized movements!

-This means at night some enemies have their own way of coming after you!

-Vending machine prices adjusted!

-Shop update!

-Sinks for collecting water fixed!

-New items can be found while digging up sand!

-Loot containers updated!

-Homemade Torches are now craftable!

-Intro Update and fixes!

-More hidden loot added!

-Quest log updated!

-Two NEW Crafts are now craftable!

-Surprise challengers added!

-Healing devices are now affected by Flares and are upgradable!

-Bandit squads all have unique movements based on other squads!

-Battle animations updated!

-Multiple Icons updated!

-Crafting system updated!

-and multiple other fixes!

Work in Progress...still need to finish a few things before I can give an update for this..

Multiple fixes and updates to Dojos!

Multiple fixes with locations, zombies, spawning and minor issues posted!

and last but not least much more to come before the update...

If you have any issue, please note below!

Thanks again for being an awesome community and keep on surviving!!!

stay tuned...

Have a Great Night and Survive Well!

Miolhr Company

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