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We are release a 2 new minor updates of the mod and announcing an game online event.

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Generals World War II Online Event

Hello Generals! We are announcing an game online event in this Saturday 30.07.2022 at 17:30 UTC+2.

Use full mod installer v.0.27 and update mod from our launcher to v.0.27.2
Install mod using GenLauncher

New installation method is available - through the multi-launcher of ZH mods: GenLauncher from Del!

If you already have Zero Hour and/or other mods installed that you don't want to lose (some mods conflict in the registry) OR our standart full-installer not works correctly on ypur PC -- we recommend you use the GenLauncher method.

Most of ZH fans says, that is easiest way to install mods for Zero Hour is through GenLauncher

GenLauncher allows you to download and install multiple mods at the same time while keeping the original installation of the Zero Hour game. Latest version of GenLauncher today:

It is recommended to disable antivirus and real-time protection so that your antivirus does not interfere with GenLauncher.

After that, just launch GenLauncher from the desktop shortcut and download the desired mods. Once the mod has downloaded, run it through GenLauncher.

Video tutorial on how to use it

C&C Generals World War II v. 0.27.2 Released!

The full patchnote of 0.27.2

Minor update 22.07.22 v 0.27.1

- Added a new version of GenTool (8.6) in the main repository
- Updated GenTool version (8.6) when updating through our regular launcher or Del's GenLauncher
- Changed behavior of fighter bombs (similar to Ju87). Auto-target is disabled. 1x250kg
- Changed bomb behavior for IL-2 and P-47 (similar to Ju87). Auto-target is disabled. 4x100kg
- Returned the ability to repair vehicles at light military factories
- Changed the speed of repairing vehicles in factories: 15sec - for a light factory, 10sec - for a heavy factory
- Allied light factory was replaced by a heavy factory (like it realised in Japan faction). Limit 4pcs. Fuel consumption 5 units
- Added options to start the game with $2000 and $100000
- Returned the normal names of the difficulty levels of the bots (April Fools removed)
- Increased the number of fuel storage facilities built by bots by 2 times
- Optimized fuel consumption of bots - Added introductory inscriptions on the maps at the start of the game (once every 20 minutes)
- Added some starter cache for bots to fix development lag
- Optimized the process of occupying garrisons by bots (all factions)
- Disabled spamming from the flanks and fighting for the center of the map for normal bots. Now neither will attack only in the forehead, using not very large group of units (all factions).
- Completely removed all the swastika from the game at the suggestion of content makers (so that youtube and other platforms stop cutting the webpage and search results).
- Fixed description of the main version when loading the game (0.26 -> 0.27)
- Changed the amount of fuel storage for Germany to 10 (8 units -> 10 units). In overload mode, still 24 units.
- Standard WorldBuilder replaced with WorldBuilder 2.0 (version 2.7) from C&C ZH WorldBuilders portal. Special thanks to
- Increased the speed of obtaining rank 2 (reduced the required number of experience points to obtain it from 500 to 300)

Minor update 26.07.22 v 0.27.2

- Added download of the Russification file to the GenLauncher server for residents of Ukraine, due to the blocking of servers from the *.ru zone (specified in bug reports)
- Fixed a bug with requiring a deactivated heavy factory to build some buildings and units for the Allies (specified in bug reports)
- Removed additional swastikas (specified in bug reports)
- Completely removed the limit on the number of secondary for all fractions
- Research time for any global upgrades has been reduced by 40% for all factions

Returning to the theme of online event

We are waiting for you in the #­čÄ«network-chat discord channel, bring your friends and have fun))
In case of any problems during installation or in the mod itself, you can always ask for prompt help in our
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Make sure you download the latest Generals World War II version 0.27.2!

See you on the battlefield))

Local Area Network multiplayer using Radmin VPN

Official radmin network, which can be found via search (network -> join an existing network):
Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour - World War II

How can you help?

If you wish to show your appreciation towards project, please consider backing me up on DonationAlerts. You can also join our Discord server and hang out with me or other folks, I won't be there much because I really need to concentrate on my job.


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