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Tal'Doria now has a minimap to guide you through the expanding world! As well as a working vendor to buy and sell from.

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Sorry for being quite for so long! We were really busy with some cool new stuff and have a couple of new features to share about! Tal'Doria now has a minimap, to help you guide through this expanding world, as well as a working vendor in villages, where you can buy and sell from.

Next DDD we will talk about the brand new demo we will be releasing!


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Minimap showing some enemies
Minimap showing some enemies

We have noticed in our internal testing that navigating through the biomes was very disorienting especially when going through a very dense area. So we think the minimap we have created helps relieve that confusion by having a marker for you, other players, and foes who are wandering around the map.

Minimap is showing dungeon entrances
Minimap is showing dungeon entrances

Also, many times when walking through a biome you can easily miss a dungeon that is a stone throw away due to it being behind some trees. The minimap will show these on the map so that you won't mistakenly pass by them.

Minimap in a dungeon
Minimap in a dungeon

We debated about whether or not to include a minimap in the dungeons but ultimately felt that this should be incorporated to give you all the best experience when wandering around these labyrinths.

Later on, we will make it so that the map will only reveal rooms and corridors as you pass through them.

Shop System

We talked a little bit about our Point of Interest System in the past update and wanted to say that it's been working great to add new content, the most recent being our ability to spawn in traveling merchants in both villages and from their cart.

Mett the merchant
Mett the merchant

We currently only have one merchant in the village, but in the future, there will be more people showing up in the form of weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, and others.

Our village merchant will be happy to sell you healing potions and a limited selection of gear, but you will also be able to sell to him all your unneeded drops you find.

Merchant window
Merchant window

Next DDD

Out of the jungle and into the middle ages, our next biome we will be showcasing will be a medieval theme. In the next DDD we will wander through the newly created well dungeon. Thanks to Twin for the base model of the entrance!

Entrance for our upcoming dungeon

Entrance for our upcoming dungeon

Important News

Now is the time to make sure you are following us, as we will be announcing our new demo in the next DDD and where to get it.

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Also we should not forget:

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

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