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Just a little post to tell you guys what's going on.

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We have been busy for past few weeks researching different engines as our engine coder has currently abbandend us and we have had enough off him so we have just been purchasing C4 Engine and we will be starting work on "Evolution" the sequel to "Varion" very soon. The engine has a lot of power and will be a lot more flexible then source engine as we can change parts of the engine if we need to and it has really good support. We will be talking more once we get some tech demos for the engine and will be making the moddb page for our game. The game will be re-designed from "Varion" we made a lot of bad decessions in "Varion" but we do intend to put them all right in the new release. The game will be sold so we want it to be really hi-quality work that we produce. We will be giving free beta keys away closer to release for the game.



good to hear, that you make an indie game.
but why not OGRE or Leadwerks?

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author

Ogre is only a rendering engine and we didn't want to start having to code every aspect of the final engine so we went for a full game engine such as C4 Engine. Leadwerks is more expensive then C4 and C4 is getting updated a lot more regularly with free-4-life updates and C4 has the same specs as lead-werks so we went for that.

We deffinitly choose some bad choices with "Varion" but it turned out good in our eyes all we wanted was to learn how to code better and create a new modification with some new graphics and some new features. We didn't intend for us to go big with this mod as it was only our first released mod.

We have just bought the C4 engine so we are just going to get to grips learning it then will start work on "Evolution".

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ah, ok.
good luck with coding!

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