Post news RSS Mini Update #18 - Orcs and a New Logo!

An exciting content update featuring our brand New Logo and game ready models for the orc Archer and Brute along with more information as we build up towards our Kickstarter!

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New Logo? Again?

This will be the final time we're changing logos, our previous two logos were created by two different graphic designers that bailed on us a few weeks after creation without any indication nor way to contact them, though we do have permission for our previous logo it felt as if we could do a better job so I threw on my creative cap and started work on the text for our new Logo whilst Matt gave it some life with color.

SoI Final Logo

Overall I personally feel that it reflects our theme and style of the game better.

Archer Finalized!

Yes! The Orc Archer is complete and will move towards the animation phase soon, Riece also managed to rustle up some renders for your viewing pleasure! Check it out in HD!

Renders/Screenshots - Final Orc Archer #3

Renders/Screenshots - Final Orc Archer #1

Renders/Screenshots - Final Orc Archer #2

Brute Finalized!

You read right! The Orc Brute is done as well, Nemiya managed to go through another texture pass to truly make it shine! Obviously it's a marked improvement over the previous image we posted up, It might get another texture pass for seams and so on but it's great for where it's at! Check this out in HD too!

Renders/Screenshots - Final Orc Brute

The finalization of the previously mentioned Orcs marks a huge progress mark for us, especially considering that theoretically we only need 3 more models ready and animated to complete our Orc faction and 4 more for the Daemon Faction.

Kickstarter Progress!

It honestly is very intimidating writing the entire page, trying to say something the best way possible and even tweaking the rewards.

I'm proud to say that the project description is done for the most part, right now I'm focusing on higher tier rewards and so on before I move onto creating some fancy banners.

Right now I'm really counting on you readers/potential watchers/potential backers to spread the word about Siege of Inaolia and get us out to as many friends that you can that would love what we're trying to make.

Want More? Stay Tuned!

Do Track us on IndieDB for the latest updates, you can also Subscribe to us on YouTube, Like us on Facebook, be sure to check out our Official Website and Follow us on Twitter.

Also be sure to grab Alpha 2 if you've not tried it out yet and remember that it makes a huge difference to us knowing that we've got fans out there rooting for us so be sure to tell your friends about us, don't be afraid to leave a comment below just for the heck of it, thanks for your time!

do_i_ob - - 529 comments

New logo looks great guys! Good job.

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RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments

Definitely prefer this logo, real fine work, aha.

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Helmlock Author
Helmlock - - 332 comments

Much appreciated guys!
Counting on you when we start the Campaign ;)

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Great logo, thanks for keeping it simple and without dramatic textures & lighting. Simple always wins the fans!

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Helmlock Author
Helmlock - - 332 comments

Thanks! We're all for the win haha!

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